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Rumor Report: New TVC C-3PO Coming Soon?

A mysterious listing for C-3PO has surfaced in Target’s system. We do know that this figure is tied directly to the current Vintage Collection assortment’s DPCI (087-16-2097) so it also makes it a general release item, and not an exclusive. There are currently no details regarding newness or what film it may be sourced.

Thanks to TargetGod for the intel.

Yakfinities #74 Has Begun

Our latest Customizing Challenge is in full swing now, and the theme is Wanted Individuals (criminals, Jedi outcasts, figures you want Hasbro to make, etc.).

Head on over to the forums to check out the submissions thus far – and as always, we’d be honored if you would join us with your own customs entries.  Please remember though, only new customs for this theme should be entered.

Episode 9 TVC “Wave 2” Orders Arriving from Amazon

If you pre-ordered the latest TVC offerings via Amazon, you might be receiving them this week, so keep an eye on your inboxes for shipping notices.

Personal Note:  Hopefully it won’t be long before these begin showing up at retail too!  The more of a visual presence Star Wars action figures of all scales have in stores and in front of consumers, the better.  Kids aren’t going to ask their parents for toys that they don’t ever see… the hobby always does better when it appeals to a broader audience than just adult collectors who have to resort to ordering online.

Older Star Wars Stock Galore

Burlington Coat Factory stores are expanding their toy selection as they gear up for the holiday shopping season, and you may come across the Solo Falcon for the low price of $22.99, and Solo Tie Fighter for $9.99.  Thanks to forum member Spooky for the heads up!

In addition, vikingrobot reports that Five Below stores are starting to get in deluxe vehicles (Rogue One packaging) for the low price of $5.00.

Explore the Unknown Regions

Our latest Yakfinities Customizing Challenge has come to a close, but we’ve got over 75 custom submissions from our forum members for your viewing pleasure in the Roundup Report!

This theme entailed numerous original ideas to create various new species in the Unknown Regions.  Some great talent is on display here, so check it all out and see who is walking away with some giveaways after the jump!