Landspeeder and Tauntaun Hitting Target

We’ve received reports that the Target exclusive Landspeeder and Luke Skywalker’s Tauntaun (both in Vintage packaging) are starting to hit stores this week for UPDATE$24.99 each. Good luck on your hunting! DPCI 087-06-1732

  • ive been a sw collector since 1978 when i was 6 and im hanging up my hat due to money scares would love to own the new taun taun but the buck stop here with #50 vintage bespin han solo good luck on your galactic hunt star roids!!!!!!

  • Jerrad

    thank you. that’s what i was assuming. but with distribution being what it’s been…i was about to fear the worst.

  • Jerrad

    i certainly hope not. it’s in their system for all the stores in lexington and louisville, kentucky but quantity is zero and its listed as discontinued and they say they won’t get any more in. for the tauntaun and landspeeder, they were also discontinued but i was lucky to get the last 2 in lexington. i really want the tauntaun and 2 figure pack.

    • I believe that target’s default for product that they are expecting is “discontinued”. That will change after their first order gets “filled” then it will just say out of stock in their systems. These have not been discontinued.

  • Jerrad

    I found out something disturbing while calling my closest target stores in central kentucky tonight. both of the stores had the tauntaun and landspeeder in the back rooms and not on the shelves. i gave them the dcp #’s and they saw they were in the system but that they were listed as “discontinued.” as in they won’t be getting any more in. and they havent even been on the shelves yet. they also didn’t have the tauntaun battle pack (rescue of luke skywalker or whatever it’s called) and it was also listed as discontinued. i’m not familiar with their distribution systems but i’m hoping this is some sort of error or that maybe they’re just waiting until christmas to order more. one of the stores wouldn’t even sell me a set because they were listed as discontinued. luckily the store on the other side of town did.

    • Don’t worry they aren’t discontinued.

  • Kenny Kraly Jr.

    I would like to get those new versions of the Landspeeder and Luke Skywalker’s Tauntaun. I’ve owned the Landspeeder version from 1995 but I want it again because it is on the vintage collection packaging.

  • Ian

    $25! So much for the mini-rig line lasting. Why would I pay the same amount for a little, not new, land speeder, when I could get a pod racer for that price. This is crazy. If a figure came with this, then maybe I would go for it, but just the single beast and ship alone, I’m jumping ship. I’m very sad. They were suppose to be priced at $17, but I guess that’s not happening

  • Justin

    $24.99 seems a bit high. Because of this, I might pass on the Landspeeder and just get one Tauntaun. So instead of spending in the ballpart of $70.00 at Target, the higher price instead is limiting me to about 1/3 of that. The premium pricing on everything vintage is not helping the overall health of the line in my opinion.

  • Gotta get the Taun Taun! The original vintage was a little before my time of collecting anything and was jealous my cousin actually had one back in the day (still does, I believe). Love the vintage packaging! PLEASE Hasbro, do the same with the Max Rebo Band! LOL