Intercepted Transmission: Yoda for 2013???

We’ve intercepted a transmission from a droid inside of Lucas Licensing that claims that Yoda is rumored to be the theme of Star Wars merchandise in 2013 after Darth Maul finishes his run in 2012. Click on through to see a mockup of what might be on the packaging in 2013.

Based on this intel, we’ve mocked up what might be on display in the aisles in a little over a year from now. The illustration of Yoda used in the final product will probably be different of course, but something along these lines is probably not out of the realm of possibility.

Again, this is a rumor so nothing is official until the powers that be say so.

What do you think???? Discuss it in our forums.

  • SithTemplar

    Hasbro’s current Vintage look absolutely blows any other design out of the water! The original Kenner look ran for seven or eight years – why move away from a fantastic formula, to something that is epitome of ugliness?

    • You’ve misunderstood the article. This isn’t replacing the vintage look. It is replacing the packaging on all things “non-vintage” – for example everything that is currently in the Captain Rex packaging is being replaced by the Darth Maul look, then after that, Maul will be replaced by Yoda.

  • Nevermind now I feel like an

  • I love how yakface acts like they acually intercepted this message from a droid and how rebel spies found it

    • What is that supposed to mean???

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  • GB

    Nope. Sorry. Now that I’ve had a taste of Vintage backing, I want nothing else. 🙂

  • Vadersaurus

    I like the overall concept, look, coloring, and of course, use of Yoda. However… I believe that Yoda looks far too vengeful and sith-like. As such, the current mock-up does not portray the attributes and virtues that come to mind when I think of Yoda. Rather, the Yoda on the current mock-up is unfamiliar and does not align with my concept of Yoda. It is a complete mismatch. While I applaud everything else, the facial expression specifically is where the discontinuity lies for me. Otherwise, I look forward to the birth of the packaging!