6″ Black Series Wave 7 & 8 Breakdown


We have a new rumor regarding the next two waves of 6″ Black Series figures. All of the figures are known so far but we have clarity on who is in what wave. Click on through for the breakdown.

Wave 7 
Han Solo (Stormtrooper Disguise)
TIE Pilot (Wave 6 carry forward)
Chewbacca (Wave 5 carry forward)

Wave 8 (2015 wave 1)
Clone Trooper Captain
Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper Disguise)
Emperor Palpatine
Han Solo (Stormtrooper Disguise)

  • Darth Vader

    Can we please, pretty please, get another Leia that isn’t from anything around Jabba’s palace?
    Thanks in advance

  • Bombadgungan

    I’m looking forward to Bossk, but will most likely skip Luke & Han in Stormtrooper disguise. Those really aren’t essential for me in this scale. Will be nice to get another shot at the TIE Fighter Pilot (unless Wave 6 actually starts showing up here).

  • Nathaniel Morin

    It does suck that both waves have 50% repacks. Great way to start the year, eh?

    Anyone heard any rumours about what we may see at Toy Fair next month?

  • Scruffylookingnerfherder

    …and let me tell you aboot Canada. Wave 4, six inch nowhere to be seen, i preordered Wave 5 way back when and have had it since the early summer. I’m not expecting to see those in stores…ever. We’re now into wave 6 of 3.75, but all but skipped over wave 4, a few Winners saw random figures, near as i can tell, no one else received in store. Besides one box that shipped to a comic shop in town and was sold out in minutes.

    While this is great on the wallet, and I’ve been making friends of other collectors wandering the empty isles. And then there was Target, has decided to leave Canada. Probably for the best,, they couldn’t get their act together, more expensive than most places and no exclusives for Canada apparently. Wishing we had Walgreens.

    • Darth Vader

      I don’t even bother trying to get these things from a brick and mortar store. They simply don’t have them. Sometimes the specialty toy stores have them at gouging prices of $40+ each, but it’s still cheaper to order from the US with the exchange rate and shipping.
      I plan on waiting until wave 8 and ordering all 4 since it will be cheaper. I guess I’ll pick up Bossk individually when I see it at a decent price.
      I found most of the “lost Canadian wave” of 3.75″ figures at the Disney Store and the ones they didn’t have are on Walmart.ca at an acceptable $10 with free shipping.

  • Jonny Wan Kenobi

    Seriously? All these carry forwards and the stupid stormtrooper disguises? Good for army builders I guess, but if the carry overs were actually made available for people to buy, then they wouldn’t need to be carried forward. When the heck is commander Cody coming? That’s the only one I care about for now. Rest are a snooze fest.

  • souldeserter

    This Wave 7 lineup has been around for a while. It was only the alleged late inclusion of C-3PO that threw it into doubt. Wave 8 was supposed to be Boushh, IG-88, Cody, and (?), so it’s kind of a bummer that we’ll get this new wave shoehorned in with the awkward Stormtrooper Disguise figures, another Clone repaint, and a bad Palpatine. Nice for the wallet, though, as Bossk is the only one of the bunch I am planning to pick up.

    One thing I am wondering is if the “2015 wave 1” means we will see another change to the packaging.

    • Not necessarily. Hasbro has been known to re start the wave numbering every year. It is collectors and fan sites that keep them in numerical order.

    • “One thing I am wondering is if the “2015 wave 1″ means we will see another change to the packaging.” No, the 2015 wave 1 designation is just in regards to how retailer see them in on cases or through replenishment. Packaging will be unaffected.

      • souldeserter

        You’re probably right – now that I think about it, the packaging changes have come around September in each of the past two years, and that’s when the TFA product is supposed to hit this year.

  • SlothFromHoth

    Is it just me, or does two straight waves of that Han figure seem like a bad idea?

    • Kraig Mclaughlin

      I know. Could have been the other way around (Luke trooper first and carry forward, Han wave8), since regular Han is plentiful, Xwing Luke, long gone, and Jedi Luke not a really hanging around.

    • Darth Eddie

      Yes, it probably is.

      If the classic smuggler outfit of Han in his most iconic appearance pegwarms after shipping in two different case assortments I have to wonder if this one will do the same, Stormtrooper armor and helmet or not. At the end of the day it’s still another 6″ Han Solo with a very questionable helmet so it probably won’t take off like the plain Stormtrooper did.

    • Nathaniel Morin

      It sounds like a bad idea to be if only for the fact that both waves will be in circulation at the same time. I think a better idea would be to offer 3 new figures, and recirculate a character a few waves out. Someone popular and still in demand like Vader, Fett, or even Maul. I do think that in those instances, however, they should release said figure with the original sequence number. On the note of numbers, I REALLY wish that they had gone with one “master sequence” that continued throughout the entire series– including packaging changes & deluxe figures. I can understand the exclusion of exclusives, of course, but it would be cool to see the entire line treated as it’s own entity.

    • Bombadgungan

      I think you’re right SFH. Han has proven to be quite unpopular as of late. It would probably be best just to brush by that one. While yet another release of the plain Stormtrooper would still do great. I’ve only seen 3 in the wild and don’t doubt there many who have never seen that one.