Smuggler’s Bounty NOVEMBER POP!s Revealed


In an interesting move, Funko has officially revealed the POP!s packed in the Smuggler’s Bounty “Rogue One” box coming in November: Jyn Erso (Eadu “Mountain Gear”) and the Imperial Death Trooper Specialist. Since this is an official announcement, we are not considering this reveal a spoiler since these figures are also shown on the back of the POP!s packed in September’s Smuggler’s Bounty as well.

Head on over to for the official announcement as well as an brief QnA with Senior Product Designer, Reis O’Brien.

  • ChewbaccaLover

    I have been more than happy with these boxes. It has allowed me to collect a lot of exclusive gear. I am excited to see what my year long subscription gift will be. Should be coming This month or next idk

  • heybert17

    The first year is up. I have a feeling they are doing this to try to get as many people to renew their 1 year membership as they can. I will not be renewing.

  • Cool… I can skip the Rogue One Pops until after I see the movie. At least so far, I just wanted *a* version of Jyn.

  • General Hux

    I don’t know, Funko is coming out with too many variations…Why would anyone besides a hardcore Funko collector want 5 different Jyn’s?

    • Adam Holt

      Agreed. I guess you don’t have to get them all but I’m rational and a completist so this drives me crazy.

      • heybert17

        And when Funko said the smuggler’s Bounty would help you stay complete, then started right off the bat with rare variants that was the end for me. I didn’t cancel but I won’t play their game. Won’t be renewing my subscription.

    • Max

      I agree. Funko is kinda out of control with SW. There’s even a version of Rey when she puts the rebel pilot helmet for a brief moment (and still no Dooku or Grievous for those who only want different characters).

      • General Hux

        Grievous is coming!