UPDATE: Disney Store Premium Elite Series 12″ Figures Revealed


Today we’ve received our first look at Disney Store’s Exclusive line on Premium Elite Series Figures. These high-end versions include 32 points of articulation, soft goods and interchangeable accessories.

Look for Rey and Kylo Ren on November 15 and Leia and Darth Vader on November 29.

Thanks to usetheforce305 (via toy_capture) for the image.

UPDATE: An important detailĀ for this line is that the figures are approximately 12″ tall and are plastic, NOT die cast.

UPDATE 2: I ran over to my Disney Store at lunch and snapped a quick comparison/scale pic of Disney’s Marvel Ultimate Series Premium Action Figure line and also received verbal confirmation of the Premium Elite SeriesĀ being a 12″ line. Click on through for the image.


  • Chad Michael

    10 inches on vader

  • Chad Michael

    they don’t look 12 inch to me

    • They are 10-12″ depending on the character

      • Chad Michael

        yeah depending if the character has been sold, if it’s a new character of course they can make any size they want. Why you think they want to get out of the clone wars. they’d have lawsuits forever.

    • Chad Michael

      They are all 1/7 scale stop lying to people. Have you compared the two vader’s or any of them? They are so small they look ridiculous with the older Action Series or SSC or Hot Toys. They are not to scale. It would be illegal for Disney to make 1/6 scale first of all, so stop telling people they are. They are 10 inch.

  • Paulskywalker

    Ah so these are like Disneys premium dolls, all makes sense now.

  • Darth Janus

    Thanks for clarifying the scale, Jayson. I like Kylo, but… another scale? I’m having trouble affording the two scales(Hasbro 3.75″ 5poa and SA and TBS 6″)I collect now. I needed openers of the TBS Phasma wave and found it yesterday. I ended up leaving Leia behind because of $$. There’s more important (to me) stuff coming this month and even the price of one SA figure counts.

  • nate e.

    If these were die cast that would be badazz. C’mon, 12″ die cast! Tough as nails.
    But price is better this way.

  • Fiery Little One

    They may get me for Vader, but he’s going to have to look close to some of the other similarly sized options out there.

  • Neil Gumz

    Likeness for Rey is toyish and not perfect. I think what really makes it look weird is that undershirt. Not nearly so distinct or visible in the film.

    • Bombadgungan

      The shirt here is definitely higher cut than with the movie costume. Also looks much more stark white, while in the movie it blends in more with the sash (at least at the collar and sleeves). In the screen shots from the film, her sash is also much closer in color to her pants and arm wraps than on this figure.

  • SID

    Hmmm maybe if you ebay’d a hot toys rey head, got a nice custom cast or just used a head from one of the Hasbro shampoo bottles… This might be a decent “valued” alternative to the amazing and way, incredibly In fact… Out of my price range Hot Toys Rey.

    This all reminds me of my last few trips to DS that they no longer carry any of those electronic dolls? They were neat, never bought one. I guess these are the replacement?????

  • darthvaderdisco

    Agree with everyone so far. Kylo Ren might be a purchase after some research, but the Rey likeness is awful. Ugh.

  • General Hux

    Rey looks awful, really awful.

    Kylo is okay.

    • John C Hill

      Disney can’t beat Hot Toys, period…

      • They aren’t trying to.

        • Thank you!! I get so tired of this point coming up over and over again whether it people comparing the aesthetics of Neca vs Hasbro, or HotToys vs this new line…two different companies DO NOT have the same design goals, customer markets, or philosophy when designing their toys!!
          Furthermore, there is no objective standard for aesthetics! If you like Neca for its sculpt work and portraits of its 6 inch action figures, good for you…but dont pretend its the pinnacle of what a 6 inch figures should look like, and then say any other company producing 6 inch figures that dont look like Neca isnt cutting it. Same thing with HotToys. All 12 inch figures DO NOT have to look like a HT to be considered good.

          • Bombadgungan

            Hot Toy are amazing in my opinion, but I couldn’t agree more with your statement that these are different companies with different goals. I am also fairly certain the Disney figures don’t come anywhere close to Hot Toys in price.

      • nate e.

        They probably did on price.

    • Funtomaz

      Just a guess,,. but it could very well be that Hot Toys has the exclusive license for 12 inch articulated Star Wars action figures with accurate head sculpts of the real actors. Thus, any unmasked character in that new line might look nothing like the real character in the movie. I mean, if those figures had accurate likenesses and decent paint jobs and accessories… and all that for $35 or so… Hot Toys would be in a lot of trouble. And very angry too.

      • My guess is that HT/Sideshow could care less if there were competing 12″ SW figures. The type of people who would buy these as an alternative to HT (because of the affordable price point) are not buying HT anyways…and the people who do buy HT are not going to be won over by something that costs 40, no matter how good it turns out.