Fourth Droidfactory Astromech Revealed


As a follow up to our exclusive announcement of three new Droidfactory/Bulld-A-Droid astromechs coming soon to Disney Park locations, we can reveal R2-C2 as the fourth droid that should complete the 4 droid “Clone Wars” set. Interestingly, we just received a version of this figure in Entertainment Earth’s exclusive last month.

Click on through for a closer look and a comparison to EE’s version.


Below are all four “Clone Wars” inspired Droidfactory astromechs for 2017.

  • Bombadgungan

    I instantly thought that Disney R2-C2 looked fantastic! However, just curious how much the comparison shot of R2-C2 above has the Disney droid looking better than the EE droid simply because of better photography. The EE shot is totally washed out with too much light, while the Disney shot has enough shadowing to bring out the details of the sculpt. I wonder what fans would think if the photography were equal or favored the EE droid. Food for thought.

  • Bombadgungan

    I love the design of this droid, but am disappointed that one of the precious slots for a new or needed update is taken up by a droid we literally just got in another set. I’m getting the EE astromech set for Christmas, so I can’t comment on the fit and finish of that set yet. From the photo above the Disney version does look a tad bit better, but the EE/Hasbro version isn’t so bad that it warranted a redo.

  • RumSleg

    I have to say that now I’m even gladder that I didn’t bite on the EE pack. At this point I prefer the BAD sculpt over the TVC Artoo sculpt because I’ve got so much more of them, even if they’re missing the foot wires.

  • Rivesjunctionite

    Oh well. Three out of four ain’t bad. Definitely worth it for that pirate droid.

  • Doog

    Too bad it’s a droid we already have available. On the upside, I can deconstruct it and swap around parts to make a new droid. This second R2-C2 does beg the question of whether we can get Ziro.

    All told, I’m really looking forward to this Clone Wars quartet.

    • Bombadgungan

      Ziro would be cool, but I have a feeling that ship has sailed.

  • SID

    SOLD $

  • General Hux
    • Doog


  • Logan

    The foot wires were a small sacrifice to pay, but if Disney is going to produce new droids that Hasbro refuses to make I’m all for it. Hasbro has pushed away 3.75″ collectors too much since the end of the Vintage Collection. I like these droids a lot, they’re basic but get right to the point. The middle leg on the EE set sucks!!


    Please Hasbro, just give Disney the license to 3.75 SA.

    • Doog

      The paint apps on your TFA droids must be way, way, way better than on mine.


        Not sure what you are talking about but every single Disney Droid I have purchased have been great. Muche tighter than Hasbros. I will say the new wave of R1 figures have tight decos. The EE set was a bit sloppy, not horrible.

        I honestly believe Disney would do a better job at this point than Hasbro on the line. That was my point, not paint apps. They are making more collector oriented products,

        • Doog

          Lucky you if all of your Disney droid paint apps have been good. While my R1 set has perfectly adequate paint apps, my TFA set and two recent bin-sourced BAD’s suffer from poor paint. Specifically, the horizontal indents on the droid “chests” are poorly colored in, with paint both missing the indent at points and spilling out of the indent at others. I am not picky about this kind of stuff, but it is bad enough to get my attention.

          What’s this collector-focused Disney product of which you write? Do you just mean the BAD’s?

  • Is the choice of R2-C2 purely accidental? Or is Disney telling Hasbro “you guys have no clue about making droids anymore”?

  • Fiery Little One

    Interesting choice.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    I think I like these more than the EE Hasbro recent set.


      I had the same reaction. This version looks way better, more detailed with a tighter deco. I also bet this one does not fall over when you breathe like the EE set one (no fault of theirs). The mechanism was not manufactured like the TVC for that center leg. Outside of the foot wires, its almost perfect. I will easily dump the EE for this. Looking forward to this set.

  • Rogue 13

    This is to be an actual boxed set of droids and not a matter of fishing through bins for parts?

    • These are definitely going to be a Disney Clone Wars-themed 4-pack. Disney has never released images of the parts from the bins depicting actual droids… unless they are starting now, of course 😉

      • Rogue 13

        Good, and not just because the 4-packs are significantly cheaper per droid. I was at Disney World last weekend and realized, in trying to assemble the latest four droids (released right after my last trip there), that I’m over the whole thing. Wound up not getting them as all the parts were not available.

  • Yikes! Colours are so dull and dark… Would have loved to see some bright orange or yellow in there 😛

  • TatooineSandworm

    Looks a lot better than the Hasbro attempt. I like it a lot better on this body than the Vintage (Ba)R2-D2.

    • The VC sculpt was a bad choice to start with, and then there are paint issues… Disney is producing better droids than Hasbro now

      • CT-7567

        Agreed. If the EE set had used the BAD sculpt it would have been cheaper. The TVC Artoo is too small, you always have to have ether the sensorscope or middle leg out, and the Disney droids sculpt seems better. The lack of foot wires is a shame, but it’s not the end of the world. I’ll gladly sacrifice foot wires for a $20-$30 reduction in price. We had holes in the original BADs and they were still good. These Disney 4-packs are usually $30-$40 on Amazon. A way better deal than the EE set.