May 2003 Archive

The Winner Is…
May 31, 2003 | 7:45 PM EST | Bill

Congratulations to Steve Corbin the winner of our free Ultarama Winner drawing. Be sure to enter our next drawing here. Remember your entry must include your name and mailing address to be eligible to win!



Has Your TRU Been Dry For A Long Time?
May 30, 2003 | 9:57 AM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Mark from Vancouver has this report:

“I’ve read your web site nearly everyday for about a year and a half, but this is the first time I’ve reported making a find. This morning at Toys R Us in Portland, OR (to be exact, the Jantzen Beach store just across the state line from my home in Vancouver, WA) I purchased the Imperial Forces 4-figure set. It was $19.99. There were four sets on the shelf when I found them about a half hour after the store had opened. There were a few dents and creases in the packaging on all of them, but I bought one anyway. The R4-I9 droid is new and very cool. The AT-ST driver is a little different from earlier version(s) I think. But I think the stormtrooper and Vader figures are nothing new. I was shocked to see these sets today because this Toys R Us store has gotten in NO Star Wars merchandise for MONTHS.”



QNA Today! Check Out The Latest QNA.
May 30, 2003 | 8:48 AM EST | Mark

John has dropped us another QNA today, so pull up a chair, grab a drink, and have a read. Hope you enjoy, and afterwards, if you have a questions, send it in. John will be more than happy to help you out.



New Master Replicas Installment Plan
May 30, 2003 | 1:56 AM EST | Joseph

The Master Replicas Installment Plan is a new way to build your Master Replicas collection through an interest-free payment plan that spreads the cost of your purchase over a four-month period. For more information click here



Entertainment Earth Newsfeed
May 29, 2003 | 8:42 AM EST | Bill

This just in from Entertainment Earth:

Endor Soldier Troop Builder
Start Troop Building! The Endor Rebel Soldier Troop Builder set includes four individually bagged (not carded) 3 3/4 inch Endor Rebel Soldiers from the classic Star Wars trilogy. These ship in a white box. Figures are similar to the previously released versions.
In Stock Now!
Item Number: HS26761
Price: $17.99
Click here for more.



Star Wars Weekends — Week 3 Pins Preview
May 28, 2003 | 8:14 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Scoobyonekenobi sent us in a very detailed update on the exclusive pins and more for Disney’s third week of Star Wars Weekends. Click here to check it all out.



More Star Tours Figure News
May 28, 2003 | 7:39 PM EST | Bill

We’ve just gotten some more information on the Star Tours figure line. The first two waves of Star Tours figures will be reissued on blue Saga cards over, at most, the next 4-8 months.



Toys R Us Exclusives Update
May 28, 2003 | 12:21 PM EST | Mark B

Hasbro’s Star Wars Page has an update to the Toys R Us Exclusive figures that are coming soon. There are photos of the Imperial Forces and Battle of Hoth Sets, and an official announcement of the Ultimate Bounty Set that will be available this fall.



Vintage Ebay Today
May 28, 2003 | 12:14 PM EST | Mark B

Today we are featuring an item from one of the vintage lines that I was always interested in (even though I don’t have any of them in my collection!). The vintage micro line was pretty short lived. Most kids were more interested in the regular figure/ship line. A couple of the vintage die cast items are pretty rare, and this Micro Millennium Falcon is a good example of that.



Unleashed Leia & Vader
May 28, 2003 | 10:27 AM EST | Mark

Back in stock if you are still looking for them. Head on over to
The Unleashed Vader is the new Vader, with the wrong picture.
and the Unleashed Leia.



Star Wars Weekends Week 2 Reviewed
May 28, 2003 | 8:48 AM EST | Bill

Sharon from the Trade Federation has put together a review of the second round of Star Wars Weekends for 2003:

Weekend 2 found me at my usual spot, in line for autographs!

This week, I was in gear, just in case
some of our members were in attendance, and to make others aware
of our site. Regular cast members know that I am reporting the event,
and make an effort to share correct info with me, so that I may
pass on accurate information. (Plus it pays to be friendly!)
Disney is much more organized this week!

This was my first chance to meet Andy Secombe, who provided
the voice for Watto. He was very pleasant, and had no problem
signing collectibles, and joking around with his character’s voice.
He is currently working on some writing projects.

Warwick Davis was his friendly, cheerful self, always a pleasant guy to speak with. Many folks in line had Harry Potter things for him to sign, which he did with delight. He is currently working on several projects, and even has a new addition to the family!

Both of the stars were great with the fans, signed collectibles, and
stayed beyond their time to sign. In between autograph sessions, the
guys gave a lively Q & A session at “The Stars of the Saga” show.

Had a blast catching up with fellow veteran SWW attendees, and met lots of friendly folks while waiting in lines. There were a lot of people that had attended C2, and we all compared war stories!

Later in the afternoon, I was able to catch “Behind the Force: The Saga Continues”, an exclusive 20 minute documentary that offered some really great AOTC bloopers. So far, this documentary cannot be seen anywhere else, and will be showing throughout Star Wars Weekends.

Since it was a holiday weekend, the park was fairly crowded, so I did not stay for the Tatooine Trivia.


Yak Reader Kevin wrote in to point out that the Bloopers include those from the AOTC DVD.



New Summer Saga Carded
May 28, 2003 | 3:02 AM EST | Joseph

Galactic has carded photos of Wat Tambor (Geonosis War Room), Han Solo (Flight To Alderaan), Princess Leia (Imperial Captive), and Darth Maul (Theed Hangar Duel).



Seen Any Good Spoofs Lately?
May 27, 2003 | 11:28 PM EST | Bill

Sharon wrote in with a great Star Wars spoof site click here to check it out!



Ultarama at Wizard World!
May 27, 2003 | 4:46 PM EST | George

Ultarama will be at Wizard World Philly (East) bringing you a brand new set of scenes and a great show special of $20 per unit. Come by and see us!



Some Cool Customs
May 27, 2003 | 9:35 AM EST | Mark B

As I was surfing the net this morning, checking out some of my regular sites, I ran across some really cool Star Wars Custom Figures.

The first is a Custom Clonetrooper that is built on a Hasbro Stikfas figure body. Hopefully Hasbro gets the hint on this one and actually makes some Star Wars Stikfas.

The other is some custom . Star Wars Lego Bionicle Figures. My favorite was the Boba Fett Bionicle. Head on over and check them out.



2004 News
May 27, 2003 | 9:08 AM EST | Mark

Well, we have all had our informtion for 2003, well here is a first for 2004.
I have just been informed by a very nice individual that there will indeed be a new wave of all new droids, no resculpts, for the Star Tours line in 2004.
Please stay tuned as I get more info, I will indeed pass it on.



Save up to 55% off!
May 27, 2003 | 8:12 AM EST | Mark B

We hope that everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend here in the US! The Going Out of Business Sale continues at M and M Collectibles. This week, we’ll still do 50% off your entire order, but we are adding a few new discounts. First, every order placed will get a free Darth Maul Baseball Cap – great for keeping your head out of the summer sun! Second, pay using the American Express Card and we’ll take an additional 5% off your purchase. Third, place an order that totals over $75 (after discount and before shipping), and you’ll get a FREE copy of the Episode I DVD (Quantities Limited)! Please put “YAK” in the company name on your order form so we know who sent you! M and M Collectibles



Vintage Ebay Today
May 26, 2003 | 5:58 PM EST | Mark B

We’ve all seen the different lettering on international Star Wars Figures, but in general, the actual packaging is pretty much the same in every country. This is one of the most unusual packages I have run across on an international item. The Hungarian company Csillagok Haboruja put together . this Return of the Jedi item.

Thanks to Aaron who pointed out another of these Hungarian Wicket Figures. This one with different colored backgrounds than the first.



Pit of Carkoon Boba Fett review
May 25, 2003 | 11:02 PM EST | Michael

It’s been two months since I found a new figure – good thing the first one I found was so cool! Okay, so he’s not perfect, but for under five bucks you can’t go wrong. Check out the complete review here.



Unproduced Droids figures (Kleb Zellok and Admiral Screed) 
May 25, 2003 | 10:05 AM EST | George

Two auctions are running for these figures at eBay. Make sure to check them out, either to bid or to take a look at the pictures. Enjoy!!
Kleb Zellock and Admiral Screed.



Got Questions?
May 25, 2003 | 1:31 AM EST | Muse

I will be working on the Q&A over the next couple of days. There are still some spots open for your questions so if you have any, send them here!



Padme Wedding And Coleman Carded
May 24, 2003 | 8:32 PM EST | Joseph has new photos featuring carded samples of Padme Amidala-Secret Ceremony and Jedi Master Coleman Trebor.



Star Wars Weekends Update
May 24, 2003 | 5:07 PM EST | Bill

Sharon over at the The Trade Federation has posted the first part of her cover of Star Wars Weekends week 2. Here it is:

Week # 2 is off to a great start! Already, Disney has done their best to make this event as enjoyable as possible.

This week’s guests are Andy Secombe(Watto) and Warwick Davis(Wicket), who are both willing to sign collectibles.

Speaking of collectibles, plenty of Starspeeder 3000’s and Star Tours figures, the third figure of wave 3 is still not on the shelf but said to be here within weeks.

Another shipment of SWW coins were released today, limited to 500, but these are BRONZE! Disney did limit these to 2 per person, but they were gone by the evening. Also available was the limited edition pin set, limited to 500, featuring Count Dooku, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Boba Fett, and the Emperor. It comes in a very nice black display box, with SWW 2003 on inside. Exterior has a metallic Death Star. Pins appear to be pewter.



Falcon CODE 3… Falcon Code 3
May 24, 2003 | 5:03 PM EST | Bill

Collectors who signed up for CODE 3’s Die Cast Falcon have gotten a surprise in their Email… photos of the upcoming vehicle. Code 3’s page can be found here.



New Mini-Lego Pricing
May 24, 2003 | 1:10 PM EST | Bill

The new MINI’s will be priced at $6.99. They’re larger than previous MINI sets, so they’re gonna cost more. Thanks to Joseph over at The Jawa for the 411.



Vintage Ebay Today
May 23, 2003 | 5:59 PM EST | Mark B

This is one of the coolest international toys in the Vintage Line. In the US, we had the big 4 story Death Star Toy, but the UK and Canada got this version. This Palitoy version of the Death Star is entirely Cardboard, but is still a great toy to own. Check out this fine example here.



12″ Leia Speeder Bike
May 23, 2003 | 3:22 PM EST | Mark

Hop on over to the Hasbro site and take a gander at the Boxed 12″ Leia w/ Speeder Bike!



Target A-Wing Boxed Shots
May 23, 2003 | 2:01 PM EST | Mark

Head on over to for some nice shots of the A-Wing boxed.



Shop LEGO Online
May 23, 2003 | 7:51 AM EST | Mark

While you cannot order them yet, here are the links to the 4 new mini sets. A big thanks to fellow reader Tom for the links.
Millennium Falcon
Republic Gunship
Each set should be $3.99 and when all four sets are put together, you can use the extra pieces to make a Y-Wing.



May 23, 2003 | 2:03 AM EST | Joseph

Once again, Wattographs comes through with the first-ever signing by a Star Wars actor! This time it’s Steven Boyle, who played Senator Aask Aak *and* Passell Argente. Mr. Boyles will have photos of both characters available for signing.

Boyles has not done conventions. Since he lives in Australia, it’s probably going to be a while before he’s seen at an event in the U.S.

Wattographs is now taking by-mail orders, as well as online orders.

Don’t miss a good chance to add a rare and obscure name to your collection! Wattographs is the number one Star Wars autograph resource on the net. Fan-based, not a company!

Get the details at



Troopers of the Galaxy
May 22, 2003 | 10:33 PM EST | Mark B

The Official Star Wars Website has a new story today detailing the Troopers of the Galaxy. From the clonetroopers of Episode II to the Stormtroopers of the classic trilogy, you can find out all about them HERE.



Additional Sales at
May 22, 2003 | 10:29 PM EST | Mark B

Andrew writes in to tell us that is offering quite a deal on some 12″ Star Wars Figures. These include Dengar and Zuckuss for only $9.98 each! You can check out all their deals on 12″ Figures by following the link above!



Are Your Sandtroopers A Little Short-sighted?
May 22, 2003 | 9:36 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Kevin sent in this report:

“Hello.The other day I had received my sandtrooper builders set from Entertainment earth. And to my surprise when I open up the box
they looked fabulous until I notice the biggest flaw of all.The troops did not come with the binoculars as shown in the magazine! So I called entertainment earth and I was told they new of the problem but Hasbro did not include these with the assortment.
How could Hasbro do something like that? I’ll be keeping mine anyway but it’s just the point and the price point.Is there some other way
we could get these from Hasbro? Entertainment earth said they were not happy at all with what they did.”



Imperial 4 Pack Hitting TRU Stores
May 22, 2003 | 9:35 PM EST | Bill

This just in:

Hi Darthmidion here again. My friend and I have found these at are local Toys R Us $19.99 plus tax.



Pegwarmers Getting Pulled
May 22, 2003 | 8:44 AM EST | Bill

This just in from Yak Reader Brandon:

“On my recent visit to a local Target store I found that the employees were taking all the pegwarmers down .They put up a few of the Lott Dodd wave (the store never made it to that particular wave) and left three vertical rows of six pegs cleared as if waiting to putin new stock soon!I hope that this is a good sign that the dust collector days are over.I was also surprised to find the new Super Battle droid builder and spider droid deluxe figs in stock!”

UPDATE: Yakreader Gary reports the same is happening in Indy!



Imperial Forces 4-Pack
May 22, 2003 | 7:40 AM EST | Mark

Expected in stock at is the Imperial Forces 4-Pack on May 25th, it is available for pre-order. Also, Amazon has free shipping on MANY of the Star Wars items that are on sale.
Also, If you like to read, don’t forget about the new Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book that will be available June 21st. You can pre-order this one at 40% off the normal price.



Entertainment Earth Newsfeed
May 21, 2003 | 10:50 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Entertainment Earth:

Check Out What’s New and Coming Soon at Entertainment Earth!

Clone Wars Col. 1 (Wave 12)
Star Wars Clone Wars Action Figures! Promotional Price! Original price on new Saga figures was $79.99, now they are just $64.99! Includes 12 all-new Clone Wars action figures: 4x Durge, 4x Anakin Skywalker – Clone Wars (with communications gear, electrobinoculars, snap-on armor and more), 4x Yoda – Clone Wars. Coming Soon!
Item Number: HS84851P
Price: $64.99



Do the Peg-Warmer Shuffle
May 21, 2003 | 6:58 PM EST | Ben

Apparently Hasbro is awaiting/processing merchandise returns from many major retailers (this information is from Hasbro/Toys R Us) and that shipments of new merchandise have been delayed until these recalls are processed. Hasbro reps have been visiting stores to ensure that the returns are promptly processed. We should start seeing new goodies in stores very soon.



New Packaged Photos
May 20, 2003 | 8:21 PM EST | Bill

A bunch of packaged product has surfaced, including the next wave of Unleashed, the Clone Wars, and some Star Tours figures. Click here to check them out!



Happy Prequelversary
May 20, 2003 | 10:33 AM EST | Mark B

The Official Star Wars Website has an article about it being the 1 year anniversary of the release of Attack of the Clones, and the 4 year anniversary of the release of The Phantom Menace (so we only have 2 more years to go until Episode III!). Seems like it was only yesterday I was waiting in line for the midnight showing of Episode I with a bunch of my friends. Anyway, it was kind of fun to look back at some of the articles related to the release of these two movies. Check them out here.



Going Out of Business Sale Continues
May 20, 2003 | 10:27 AM EST | Mark B

Thank you to everyone who has taken advantage of our Going Out of Business sale over at M and M Collectibles. Please continue to bear with us as we have some shipping delays due to the increase in orders. This week we continue with the 50% off everything sale. You’ll get an additional 50% off the listed prices on the site when we process your order. We’ve also added a few items to the site from our personal collection. Several 12″ Figures and quite a few Hasbro Cinema Scenes are now available from that collection. Head on over today to M and M Collectibles.



Ebay Item of the Day 
May 20, 2003 | 9:48 AM EST | Mark B

Typically, we focus on Rare Vintage Items in our Ebay Focus here at Yakface. However, while browsing through Ebay today I found this item and thought that it was just too cool not to feature. The company Altmann makes licensed helmets for countries in the Pacific Rim (from what I understand, most of them end up in Australia). These are a much higher quality mask/helmet than the licensed ones in the USA. This auction is for a store display for their Boba Fett Helmet store display for their Boba Fett Helmet. What is really cool about it is that it is not just the helmet, it is about a half body bust. Not a cheap auction, but worth a look.



Star Tours Weekend One Reviewed
May 19, 2003 | 8:59 PM EST | Bill

Couldn’t make it to Florida for Star Tours in person, well Sharon over at theTrade Federation has posted a review of the first weekend, along with the news on Disney’s autograph policies and the new Star Speeder, which is slightly larger than action fleet scale. Click here to check it out. Sale
May 19, 2003 | 9:59 AM EST | Mark

Items are back in stock at
In stock again are the:
Republic Gunship $9.99
Limited Edition Darth Maul Lightsaber Prop Replica with Display Stand $297.97 reg $499.99



New Lego Mini Vehicle Photos
May 17, 2003 | 10:16 AM EST | Mark B

Our friends over at From Bricks to Bothans have photos of 2 new Lego Mini Vehicles. They show the 4490 Republic Gunship and the 4491 MTT.



AT-AT Has Been LEGO Sized
May 15, 2003 | 10:28 PM EST | Mark

So you are into collecting the LEGO’s, and you have always wanted a LEGO AT-AT, well you can head on over to the LEGO store and pick yours up now. The LEGO AT-AT is now IN STOCK. The price is $99.



Official Look at Silver Boba Fett
May 15, 2003 | 4:19 PM EST | Mark B

Hasbro’s Website has just posted official photos of the Silver Boba Fett figure that will be offered at conventions this summer. Head on over to check it out.



Unleashed Wave 6
May 15, 2003 | 11:26 AM EST | Mark

You can now head over to Entertainment Earth and pre-order wave 6 of the Unleashed figures. This wave has Han Solo, Yoda, and Boba Fett.



D&S Sponsor Announcement
May 15, 2003 | 11:23 AM EST | Mark B

New Items in stock!
New Items: – Go to the website for prices and other new items…

Battle Damaged Enterprise NX-01

Rebel Fleet Trooper Army Builder Set
Sandtrooper Army Builder Sets
Death Star Trash Compactor Sets

Deluxe Jango and Force Power Obi-Wan
Deluxe Super Battle Droid & Commerce Guild Spider Droid
Unleashed Vader & Slave Leia
New Tomy Japan Plush Yoda, Ewok, Jawa

Jango, Stormtrooper, Vader, Boba fett & Clone Trooper Hard Vinyl Masks…

Ashla & Jempa / Yoda & Chien / Pamde Wedding Dress Wave Coming in Late May!

New August Figure Pre-Orders and Unleashed Pre-Order

3 3/4″ G.I Joe Figures with Mission Disks
New Joe vs Cobra 2-Packs & Vehicles..

Aliens vs Predator Figure – Re-Stocks
Rare Queen Hive Playset

Dave Roberts –
D & S Sci-fi Toy World



Sale at KBKids
May 15, 2003 | 9:39 AM EST | Mark B

Still need a Jedi Starfighter? How about $4.97?

Republic Gunship? Try $9.97.

Those and more on sale right now at KBKids



E3 Game Trailers Now Online
May 15, 2003 | 9:33 AM EST | Mark B

Check out the Lucasarts E3 Website for videos and information of all of their new videogame releases that are coming soon. For Star Wars games, they are releasing the following –
Rogue Squad III: Rebel Strike – looks like in this one you’ll get to use X-wings, B-wings, speeder bikes, AT-STs, tauntauns all set in the Classic Trilogy.
Rebublic Commando – A new first person shooter.
A PC (that’s personal computer, not politically correct) version of Knights of the Old Republic.
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy – I’m kind of excited about this one. You get to customize your character, design your own lightsaber, and then train at Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy.



The making of the Star Wars logo:
May 14, 2003 | 9:15 AM EST | George

With little knowledge on Photoshop and of course the program itself. We can do it for dioramas, banners, custom cards, for fun, you name it. Here is a step by step how-to.

Thanks to the folks at Click here for the recipe.



Master Replicas Mace Windu Lightsaber
May 14, 2003 | 1:24 AM EST | Joseph

The distinctive golden-hued lightsaber that Jedi Master Mace Windu wielded in Episode II is the next Jedi weapon to be crafted as an exacting prop replica from Master Replicas. Recreated from original Lucasfilm archival materials, this prop replica comes complete with a numbered plaque, certificate of authenticity, and custom crafted display case. Constructed from durable machined and die-cast metal components, each replica is polished and assembled by hand to meet exacting standards. The Mace Windu Lightsaber is limited to 2,500 units worldwide, and has a suggested retail price of $349.00.



50% off Sale Continues
May 13, 2003 | 10:50 PM EST | Mark B

M and M Collectibles is continuing our 50% off sale this week as part of our quitting business sale. Place “YAK” in the company line on the order form and we’ll take 50% off all the products on your order when we process the order. That’s right, 50% off EVERYTHING (which is almost all already marked down to dealer cost), nothing is held back. Check out the “New this Week” section for new inventory arrivals! Time is running out – stop by M and M Collectibles today and help us clear it out!



Grand Moff Tarkin Bust Coming
May 13, 2003 | 10:34 PM EST | Mark B

The Official Star Wars website has announced The Dark Horse Comics Titles for August. In this announcement they also spring on us a new Bust from Gentle Giant Studios. This time we are going to see the character played by the late Peter Cushing in A New Hope – Grand Moff Tarkin. Item will be a limited edition of 7500 pieces and judging by the recent releases from Gentle Giant, it is sure to sell out quickly!



Mace Windu’s Saber from Master Replicas
May 13, 2003 | 10:30 PM EST | Mark B


Mace Windu’s lightsaber is coming from Master Replicas. Scheduled to be a limited edition of 2500 and will retail for $349.99. Check out all the details here!



Canada Has More Jedi Than The Republic!
May 13, 2003 | 4:16 PM EST | Mark B

The website has an article on the Canadian census and how about 20,000 people filled out “Jedi” under religion on their form. Very similar to what has happened in other countries recently.

Thanks to Christopher P. for the heads up.



New Attakus pictures available
May 13, 2003 | 2:54 PM EST | Jason


New Attakus pictures are available at

Updates include detailed pictures of the Jawa and Salacious Crumb.
The Jawa is just incredible and sports jewel like stones for eyes
that help illuminate them in lighting. Kamikazcomics is still taking
pre-orders for all Star Wars Attakus Statues.



Book Review of “Maze of Deception”
May 13, 2003 | 10:28 AM EST | Mark B


My book review of the 3rd book in the Scholastic Boba Fett series has now been posted. You can check it out in our book review section.



Silver Boba Fett Update!
May 13, 2003 | 9:42 AM EST | Mark B

The Official Star Wars Website has the scoop on the Silver Boba Fett Figure that appears in the post below. Looks like it won’t be a Mexican Exclusive after all (so don’t pay the scalpers $300-$400 for one!). So far there are 4 USA conventions listed that will have it available.



Pictures of the Silver Fett
May 13, 2003 | 8:46 AM EST | George

Our good friend Aaron from POTF2.COM, has posted some prototype pics of the upcoming Silver Fett and Silver Clonetrooper. Looks to my like a rehash of the Boba Fett 300 but we have to have it!

check it out here -».



KBToys Sale
May 13, 2003 | 7:40 AM EST | Mark

Over at you can now find some great deals…
Star Wars “Attack of the Clones”: Clone Trooper Republic Gunship $19.99
Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid $49.97
Anakin Skywalker Electronic Lightsaber $9.97
Clone Commander with Yellow and Red Trim 12″ Action Figure $13.97 each
Action Figures for $2.50 each plus many other deals!



Entertainment Earth Newsfeed
May 12, 2003 | 10:49 PM EST | Bill

This just in from Entertainment Earth:

Back on the market by popular demand, Entertainment Earth is now able to accept pre-orders for the limited edition Star Wars Imperial Shuttle! Formerly an FAO Schwarz exclusive, this item is the U.S. version, and comes new directly from Hasbro (not an after-market item). Scheduled to arrive in late July 2003.

Star Wars Imperial Shuttle (Item# HS32487, $109.99)

Saga Collection 2 (Wave 14) (Item# HS84861P, $64.99)
Saga Coll 2 (Wave 14) Not Mint (Item# NMHS84861P, $59.99)
Includes 12 action figures: 2x WA-7 Waitress Droid (NEW), 2x Lt. Danni Faytonni (NEW – a.k.a. Anthony Daniels who played C-3P0), 2x Darth Sidious (NEW), 1x Luke Skywalker (NEW), 1x Darth Vader (NEW), 1x SP-4 and JN-66, 1x Wat Tambor, 1x Coleman Trebor, 1x Ashla & Jempa (subject to change).

Star Wars Unleashed Asst 5 Set (Item# HS84894EE, $56.99)
1x Obi-Wan Kenobi, 1x Luke Skywalker, 1x Darth Sidious

Action Fleet Asst. 5, Set (Item# HS46796EE, $46.99)
1x Jedi Starfighter, 1x Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, 1x A-Wing Starfighter

Endor Soldier Troop Builder (Item# HS26761, $17.99)

Rebel Blockade Troop Builder (Item# HS26816, $17.99)

Sandtrooper Troop Builders Set (Item# HS26821, $17.99)

EII Collection 1 (Wave 10) (Item# HS84851L, $64.99)

EII Deluxe Figures (Wv 5) Set (Item# HS84859EE, $29.99)

Clone Trooper White Mini Bust (Item# DH11944W, $49.99)

Clone Trooper Yellow Mini Bust (Item# DH11944Y, $59.99)

EII Deluxe Figures (Wv 6) Set (Item# HS84859FF, $29.99)

JEDI Training Remote (Item# MRSW107, $248.99)

Darth Maul Lightsaber Replica (Item# MRSW108, $449.99)



Ebay Item of the Day 
May 12, 2003 | 10:42 PM EST | Mark B

Nothing like having a computer crash on you to set you back a few days. But, I’m back and along with me the Vintage Ebay item of the day. Today we have a set of common toys in a very uncommon boxed set. This is a Power of the Force Hoth Set. It includes a Taun Taun, Wampa, Han and Luke both in Hoth outfits.



A Look Back At Star Wars Weekends
May 12, 2003 | 10:29 PM EST | Bill and The Trade Federation have teamed up to bring you images of some of the collectibles from past Star Wars Weekends at Disney. Click here to check them out.



Silver Fett Will Be Available In The US This Summer
May 12, 2003 | 10:07 PM EST | Bill

The Official Site has just updated with the news that the Silver Boba Fett (which will be an Exclusive to this Summer’s Convention in Mexico City), will ALSO be available at the summer conventions AND through the fan club. Click here for all the details.



Lucas Starts Animation Division:
May 12, 2003 | 2:53 PM EST | George

By Claudia Eller
Times Staff Writer

May 12 2003

” After years of fits and starts, George Lucas has quietly launched a new unitLucasfilm Animation to help crack the lucrative digital animation business…”
To read the full story click here -».

Huge thanks to Yak reader Frank Moreno for the heads up!



The Winner Is
May 11, 2003 | 11:37 PM EST | Bill

Congratulations to Denis Dillon the winner of our free Ultarama drawing. Be sure to enter our next drawing here. On your entry, please be sure to include your name and mailing address. Good Luck!



Boba Unleashed– Classically This Time!
May 10, 2003 | 10:33 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Mulambo8 sent in some photos of yet another Unleashed figure for this year. This time it’s none other than the Classic Trilogy Boba Fett from Return of the Jedi! As you can see from the thumbnail above he’s VERY well done. Even better news, if you are a Fan Club member, you’ll have copies of these images in your mail box shortly– they are in the new insider where Mulambo8 got these! Click here for one of the pics and here for another.



Stay Tuned…
May 10, 2003 | 8:22 PM EST | Brandon

Congrats to Ryan H. of Lake Havasu, AZ who is the winner of our latest Store Reports Contest! He won the Teebo Figure & a one time 10% Discount atKEBco Toys! However, we did not recieve any pictures from you guys of your latest finds! So there was no second winner! Come on guys! What happened? I know that viewers at other sites send in pictures of their finds so let’s get the ball rolling next week! We’ll have our next contest up next weekend so stay tuned! I’d also like to apoligize for the lack of updates on my part! I just finished moving into our new house and I’ve finally gotten settled in! Please stay tuned next weekend for our next contest and get those Cameras warmed up because we’d love to see your pictures starting next week!



Jedi Training Remote Pics
May 10, 2003 | 2:23 AM EST | Joseph

As promised here are a few pics of the case I bought for my Master Replica Jedi Training Remote. I bought an 8x8x10 acrylic case

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5



Are You A Fan Of Star Wars And Simpsons?
May 9, 2003 | 10:24 PM EST | Bill

One of our readers sent us a heads-up on some awsome Simpsons customs– you can check out here and and here!



Pre-Order Clone Wars GunShip
May 9, 2003 | 11:47 AM EST | Mark

You can now head over to Amazon and Pre-Order the Star Wars Republic Gun Ship (Clone Wars) that is due for a July 20th release date.



Convention in Knoxville, TN…
May 9, 2003 | 8:46 AM EST | George

Yak reader Barry kindly wrote in to inform:

” Hey guys, Wanted to give you all a heads up on ADCON, which is being held in Knoxville,TN on May 31st-June 1st. Here’s a link to the official ADCON site ”



Jedi Training Remote Case
May 9, 2003 | 2:00 AM EST | Joseph

If you ordered the Jedi Training Remote you know that Master Replicas did not offer their normal case for it. I found a company online that makes several different acrylic cases and I ordered an 8x8x10 from them and I received it today and it fits my replica rather nicely. Each case comes with an acrylic base to keep out dust and moisture and rubber feet to protect your furniture. I will be posting pics here in the next few days. Check out for more information.



Star Wars Return of the Jedi: Imperial Shuttle Tyderium Deluxe Vehicle 
May 9, 2003 | 12:47 AM EST | Joseph has the Imperial Shuttle Tyderium Deluxe Vehicle on sale for $99.00. It is a PREORDER with a availability date of 8/15/03. Those of you that may have missed out on this item shouldn’t pass up on this awesome price!!



POTJ Palm Talkers
May 8, 2003 | 4:37 PM EST | Joseph

Brian’s just received a shipment of closeout POTJ Palm Talkers.
A complete set of 6 is only $59.99 and a factory sealed case is only $79.99.



Spotlight: Boba Fett Mini-Bust
May 8, 2003 | 12:14 PM EST | Joseph has some awesome pictures of the newly released Gentle Giant Boba Fett Mini-Bust.



Bootleg Clone Troopers:
May 7, 2003 | 8:53 AM EST | George

A few weeks ago I received a few of these for a photo session. Not knowing why I’ve got them for ’til opened the box, I thought they were sent by someone else. Some of our readers may have seen them already some others haven’t. I was amazed when I was informed they were bootlegs. Thru my years of collecting I’ve seen bootlegs of all kinds including non SW related toys; But these obviously were made with a bit more attention to detail. In the 1 to 10 bootleg scale I’ll give these ones an 8.5 (that’s my personal rating, it can differs from others). Articulation on them is not exactly the best but, either to keep them as collectibles or army building, they will certainly do both jobs. No legs articulation at all except for very limited articulation on their arms and heads. The final touch were the peg holes which makes them fully compatible with Real Stands.

Take a look, see by yourselves and enjoy!

Out of the mail box
Loose group shot
Comparison (Hasbro vs ???)
Loose details.



Keeping Up with ‘Jones’
May 6, 2003 | 4:42 PM EST | George

By Gary Susman at Entertainment Weekly:

” Indiana Jones finally comes to DVD. The trilogy comes out as a four-disc set in November. Meanwhile, Paramount Pictures still expects to have
Harrison Ford pull his fedora and bullwhip out of mothballs to shoot the long-awaited fourth Indiana Jones adventure next year, for theatrical release in 2005.”

Click here -» for more on this subject.



Star Wars Deluxe Lightsaber Bonus Pack with 3 Star Wars Figures
May 6, 2003 | 3:53 PM EST | Joseph

The Star Wars Deluxe Lightsaber Bonus Pack with 3 Star Wars Figures is in stock right now at for $22.99. Thanks to Yakface reader Robb Kale for the heads up. You get to the link by clicking here.



Indy On DVD
May 6, 2003 | 8:42 AM EST | Bill

It looks like it’s all but official (it should be official later today), that the Indiana Jones Trilogy is coming to DVD with a release date of November 4! The Digital Bits has posted all the early information of this release. There will be four DVDs in the set– one for each movie and a 4th with extras, at an estimated retail price of $49.99. Click here to read the full story.

We’ll add the link to Star later today after the official site adds the story. Thanks to Mike at the the Trade Federation’s Forums for finding the story.

UPDATE here’s the link to the Official Site’s coverage.



Going out of Business Sale- Week 3
May 5, 2003 | 10:55 AM EST | Mark B

Things have just been insane for us and our going out of business sale at M and M Collectibles. Thank you to everyone who has placed an order! This week we expand the discounts even further. This week put “YAK” in the company name on the order form and we’ll take 50% off your entire order (most items are already discounted to cost!). This discount applies to every item we have in stock, except Attakus Statues and Master Replicas items. Attakus and Master Replicas will get a $75 (that’s dollar, not percent) discount. One special item to note this week is the Signature Edition Darth Vader Lightsaber (signed by James Earl Jones and Dave Prowse) at only $499 (plus you get another $75 off!). As a reminder – all the discounts are done manually when we process the order. Hurry over today to M and M Collectibles



Book Review of Tatooine Ghost
May 5, 2003 | 10:31 AM EST | Mark B


My book review of Tatooine Ghost has now been posted. Overall, I give this one a thumbs up. Check out the full review in our book review section.



KOTOR coming soon to our PC…
May 4, 2003 | 10:25 AM EST | George

From the Official site:
Knights OThe Old Replublic was developed by BioWare Corp and published by Lucas Arts. Also is shedding some light on the cantina’s Alien aliases To read the whole story click here -».



Boba Fett Mini Bust
May 3, 2003 | 6:47 PM EST | Joseph

For those of you who are interested has the anticipated Gentle Giant Boba Fett Mini Bust in stock. For $44.99. Click here to check it out.



More New Unleashed Photos
May 2, 2003 | 11:44 PM EST | Bill

Yak Reader Mulambo8 sent in this shot of the outstanding upcoming Han and Yoda Unleashed figures from the new Lee’s Toyguide. These figures are due out later this year. Click on the image above for the large picture.



Q&A For May
May 2, 2003 | 11:35 PM EST | Bill

Our first Q&A for May is up click here to check it out.



New CloneTrooper Exclusive Bust
May 2, 2003 | 9:50 AM EST | Mark B


Gentle Giant Studios has announced a new version of the Clonetrooper Bust that will be sold only at the San Diego Comic-Con and the Wizard World Convention in Chicago. It will be similar to the 3 other Clonetrooper busts offered, except it will not have different sets of arms and will be a blue lieutenant. Also, buyers at Comic-Con will have a chance to be “cloned”. One lucky person will get to be scanned and will have a clonetrooper made of themselves! Check out the entire story at Star



When Other Kids Had Teddy Bears…..
May 1, 2003 | 12:07 PM EST | Mark B

I had one of these. Our Vintage Ebay item of the Day is a Vintage Plush Chewbacca from 1977. This one is in incredible condition. It is complete with all the tags, and the utility belt. I still have mine and it looks like Chewie slept wrong, got a bad perm, had a bottle of hair gel blow up on him, and used an overpowered blow dryer. Let’s just say mine looks a little frizzed. Take a look atThis auction for one in great condition.



New Items At Brian’s Toys
May 1, 2003 | 12:24 AM EST | Joseph

Brian’s Toys has just received the new 12″ Gamorrean Guard $59.99 and Master Replicas Darth Maul Signature Edition Lightsaber $549.99 in stock. Clickhere to check them out.