Sponsor News: Past Generation Toys

Here is the latest pre-orders and new in-stock items at Past Generation Toys!!

GI Joe – The first four GI Joe Renegades Action Figures and many of the GI Joe 30th Anniversary are available.

Transformers – Two new preorders, Transformers Generation Junkion and Transformers Generation Blackshadow

Mortal Kombat – Many new preorders up for the new 4” and 6” lines – some Mortal Kombat EXCLUSIVES too!

Street Fighter – A new line of 4” Street Fighter action figures are coming from Jazwares!  Four preorder are ready to go!

FUNKO – These guys do a great job with the Plushies… have you seen them?  Plus there are four perfect Halloween Plushies too!

Star Wars – If you missed out on the Wal-Mart Exclusive Jabba’s Throne Star Wars Playset, you are in luck!  We have a few left.

Bowen Designs Statues and Busts – They keep putting out some great pieces!  These preorder are defiantly worth a look!  Also check out what we have in-stock; several of the Bowen Designs pieces have lowered prices!

Gentle Giant Statues and Busts –Marvel and Star Wars preorders!  And the 12” Scale Kenner Jawa  is in-stock!

Marvel Universe – Marvel Universe Series 15 is in-stock and Marvel Universe Series 16 is up, as preorders (now with images!)

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Thanks from all of us at Past Generation Toys!!