Update: AT-ACT App Control Disabled?

We’ve received a report from Daniel B. in Australia stating that the latest update to the Hasbro’s Star Wars Studio FX app has disabled the wireless functionality of his AT-ACT. Click on through to read his account and if anyone else has this issue, let us know.

Update:  A new update was just issued today (March 16). Those with disabled app may want to give it a shot.

Hi guys

It appears the latest update on the 5th of March to the Star Wars Studio FX App has rendered the CONTROL! Function unusable i.e. you cannot control the AT-ACT remotely anymore. While the app still recognises the Walker, clicking on CONNECT results in a make sure your walker is nearby and turned on message every time, at least here in Australia. I have tried various devices, reinstalls etc. to overcome this with no success. My friend Leo F. has confirmed his AT-ACT has the exact same symptoms.

I have emailed Hasbro Australia to see what the deal is, was curious if this is also the case for you guys.


Daniel B.