Toyguide Update: 6″ TBS Imperial Royal Guard (#38)

The Yakface Toyguide updates resume with our newest entry in the 6″ Black Series assortment with the Imperial Royal Guard (#38).

PROS:  Since its announcement, the Royal Guard has been high on collectors must-have lists. The underlying sculpt is fantastic and the tailoring of soft goods robe really adds to the overall aesthetic, allowing for a wide range of unencumbered poses.  Collectors will definitely want a couple to flank the Black Series Emperor figure.

CONS: The only one real negative I can find for this figure (aside from its inevitable hard-to-find status) is the included scout blaster. I feel that it is far too small in scale making it hard for the figure to hold convincingly – especially in the figure’s right hand. It should be relegated to the holster and treated as an adornment.

Head to the toyguide for our detailed image gallery and to judge for yourself whether this figure is worth adding to your collection.