Solo: A Star Wars Story “Nemesis” Name Revealed?

Since finding the code name “Nemesis” for a character in Solo: A Star Wars Story a few months back, I’ve been trying to find more about the character apart from the official dribs and drabs let out by Disney and Lucasfilm. Today, I think I have definitive proof….

Potential name spoiler within

UPDATE: Images removed per request.

First off, the search started based on a tip regarding a toy coming out soon which references a variation on a name that I originally heard from at last May: Emlys Nest.

Many thought at the time, as I did, that this was probably some seedy lair or location that we’d see our heroes fight their way in/out of at some point during Solo: A Star Wars Story. But based on the name I was given, I deduced that “Emlys Nest” was actually Enfys Nest. Still I wasn’t sure of the name’s accuracy until I found this graphic:


Again, nothing definitive but I knew I was getting warmer. Further digging via Google turned up two more graphics from the same source:


As you can see, those two strongly suggest a character more than a group or faction. So, I kept digging and found some packaging concepts and materials for a theater concessions company REDACTED and there was my confirmation on page 2 in the form of a character bottle topper:

Enfys Nest is in fact the tribal looking warrior we’ve seen in the trailer as well as leaked toy photos.


Solo: A Star Wars Story opens May 25, 2018.