Rumor Report: More Force Link 2.0 Basic Figure Names

After doing some research in preparation for the release of our checklist for the Solo: A Star Wars Story merchandise launch next month. I’ve been able to find a bit more info for figures coming beyond wave 1 which we teased back in February.

Based on what we’ve seen leaked so far for characters coming from Funko and LEGO, I can share a few of the rumored figures we can expect to possibly see in future waves for the Force Link 2.0 figures:

Tobias Beckett (“Artemis”), Val, L3-37, Rebolt, Rio Durant, Quay Tolsite (“Perseus”), Mudtrooper.

I’m still working on  how some of these names relate to their mythological code names but I’m confident in the parenthetical names above.

These figures won’t be available in April but I’d wager sometime in June at the earliest.