Quick Shots: Force Link 2 Imperial AT-DT Walker

Today we’re happy to show you a quick look at the upcoming Hasbro Force Link 2.0 Imperial AT-DT from Solo: A Star Wars Story. Click on through to check out my first impression as well as some images.

The AT-DT Walker itself is on par with Hasbro’s latest vehicle offerings for the basic action figure line. Assembly is very straightforward, only needing to attach each leg and snap on the head. There are no decals.

The “legs” are attached via large ball-sockets and feature ratcheting “knee” joints that hold their position firmly. The “ankles” are ball sockets as well for adjusting to uneven terrain.

Each leg can be move independently and adjusted to convey a walking stride or staged in tandem to give a crouched or elevated stance. The “head” swivels 360º and is locked into the body by a flared peg/post that snaps into position. Unfortunately, there is no vertical (elevation) adjustment for the cannon. The rocket/missile/projectile is fired by a single button on top of the cannon.

The walker has a blast apart feature activated by a button on the back of the “head”. It ejects the cannon from the side and the pilot/driver seat to the rear, sending the figure flailing from position. It’s fun! The walker could benefit from heavier weathering paint apps as, for me, it’s far too clean considering the environment in which we saw them.

The exclusive Mimban Stormtrooper is an all new mold (made in Vietnam) as is the included blaster. The details for this version of the trooper are much better than the standard figure especially the helmet accents and the muddy Mimban effects are more pronounced as well. The figure’s articulation is the standard 5 POA with swivel shoulders, hips and ball socket head (which is NOT swappable with the basic Mimban Stormtrooper) nor is it easily removable.

Surprisingly, the Force Link functionality for both walker and figure worked right out of the box! Yay for toys that work. (As of this writing, there is no entry for this product in the current build of the app.)

Stormtrooper (Mimban)
– “walkers arriving on site”
– “let’s get ready to move out”
– “primary weapons online”
– “let’s light them up”
– “hit them with everything you’ve got”
– “argh!! don’t let up”
– “blaster effects”

Imperial AT-DT
– various cannon fire
– explosion
– walking effects

Click each image for a larger view:

Thanks to our sponsor Entertainment Earth for providing this early sample. It is available for preorder now as part of the Class B vehicles wave 2 assortment.