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Future Release of Haslab TVC Cantina Figures Clarified

In exchange between Steve Evans @mrstevie18 (Design Director for Star Wars at Hasbro) and a collector inquiring about the potential future releases of the Hasbro TVC Cantina figures, seems to clear up any ambiguity caused by what was stated on the Haslab fanstream compared to what was shown on some of the presentation slides.

Haslab TVC Mos Eisley Cantina Revealed

After rumors, leaks, and delays, Hasbro has finally revealed the TVC Mos Eisley Cantina for this year’s Haslab project.

Included in the base version of the Cantina are 3 carded exclusive figures, Wuher and the Tonnika Sisters. All for $399.99

There is a deluxe add-on includes everything from the base version plus 3 more alcoves, wall, tables, chairs, booths and additional accessories. All for $499.99

Tiered unlockable carded figures include Greedo (11K), Nabrun Leids (14K) and Ariel Schous (17K).

This crowdfunded project will run from June 7th, 2024 to 11:59pm ET on July 8th, 2024. 8,000 backers are need to fund the base offering. If successful, the project will begin shipping around Fall 2025.   


Hasbro Pulse Power Days Sale

SAVE 35% when Pulse Premium Members spend $75.00 or more on select, eligible items, with code “POWER35“. SAVE 15% when nonPulse Premium Members spend $75.00 or more on select, eligible items, with code “POWER15″. Power Days Sale runs until Monday, June 17, 2024 at 10am ET.

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YAK’S TOP TEN – The Sequel Trilogy (The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and The Rise of Skywalker)

What figures do you want to see made from the Sequel Trilogy?

Yak’s Top Ten is back, with the focus shifting to the Sequel Trilogy.

What are the top ten figures that you most desperately want to see made in The Vintage Collection from the aforementioned media? Post your TVC wish list HERE.

You can also do the same thing for the 6″ scale line in The Black Series. Post your 6″ TBS wish list right HERE.

Note: Wish lists may also be posted in the comments section of this article. You may post both a TVC and TBS list, but please do not post your wish lists in this comments section AND in the forums. And please remember to indicate if you’re referring to TVC or TBS with each list.

Entertainment Earth Processing Fan Channel TVC Wave

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Affiliate Entertainment Earth is now processing preorders for the case assortment of fan channel TVC figures that includes Cal Kestis (Imperial Officer Disguise), Mandalorian Judge, Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus.

Remember, Entertainment Earth is having a Memorial Day Sale through May 28 so if you order now, you can save a few dollars on the case and get free shipping.

Sponsor/Affiliate News: Entertainment Earth Memorial Day Sale

Yakface.com receives commissions from purchases made through our sponsor/affiliate links.

Entertainment Earth has launched their annual Memorial Day Sale! From now through May 28, receive discounts on orders over $100 / $200 / $300 plus with free shipping site wide.

Haslab TVC Mos Eisley Cantina Leaked?

Images are circulating on social media via thestarwars_toycollector for what looks to be a partial leak of the upcoming Haslab TVC Mos Eisley Cantina. It appears there will be two options for order: Base ($399) or Deluxe ($499). No other details are publicly known at this time in terms of tiers or possible included figures. Stay tuned as we wait for an official launch details.