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Walmart Exclusive Jabba’s Palace (and Skiff) Hitting Stores in IL

We’ve been sent word via Jason H. that his local Naperville, IL Walmart has an endcap of the Vintage Collection Jabba’s Palace Adventure Sets. A quick check via brickseek shows 11 Walmarts in IL with stock on hand. Also of interest is that he also found the Tatooine Skiff at the same store, yet no stock shows on Brickseek for that location.

TVC Knight of Ren Figure Design

As we revealed previously, the back of the TVC Luke Skywalker (Yavin) figure depicts the figures from the first wave character released in Force Friday. Until I have a clearer image, I can share that the above design for the figure coded named “Cairo Axer” is the Knight of Ren shown above. The figure clad in black (it’s hard to tell if it is a mix of soft and plastic goods for his cloak and long tabards that hang in front), has dusty/sandy weathering applied heavily on the bottom edges of the figure (legs and clothing) and slowly fades to black as you move up the figure. He is simply labeled as “Knight of Ren”.

“Unofficial” Official TVC E9 Wave 1 Breakdown

There have been a couple reports going around over the past few weeks regarding the wave breakdown for the first assortment of TVC figures available for Triple Force Friday. I held off on reporting it as I wasn’t convinced in what was being stated (namely the inclusion of Yavin Ceremony Luke), but I can now “unofficially” report that Wave 1 looks to be as shown in the graphic above.

This new also confirms to a degree that there is NO Luke Skywalker X-wing Pilot packed with the rumored/unofficially announced TVC X-wing.

Rumor Report: E9 Product Shipping Update

More products ranging from action figures to roleplay items are currently headed to the US via China and Vietnam. An update to shipping info shows that Hasbro’s E9 Vintage Collection cases, TVC Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony) cases, Mega Mighties, E9 Micro Force, Scream Sabers, E9 Poe Dameron blasters and Sith Trooper blasters are all en route to various ports in the US.