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New Photonovel Updates Compiled


Eager for some fresh Star Wars and Indiana Jones adventures? Or just need a break from the daily grind?  If so then kick back and enjoy the latest updates from the Photonovelalliance.com, as forum member Darth Kikinou has compiled several new photonovel chapters from our forums and from other various community members into his consolidated resource site.

New Additions to The Photonovel Alliance

Yakface forum member Darth Kikinou has informed us of many new photonovel additions to The Photonovel Alliance – including some great new Indiana Jones adventures by Lance Quazar, and the most recent installment in The Enloe Trials by yours truly.

Kick off your shoes and make yourself comfortable with your morning coffee and spend some time checking out some of the great Star Wars adventures housed on his site – I would argue that some of the creativity and storytelling there rivals the work professionals who get paid to do this for a living.

The Photonovel Alliance Updates


When toy runs are as dismal as they are lately, a lot of us naturally turn to customizing – and some even go the extra mile and create our own fan-fiction Star Wars photonovels – most of which can be read and commented by readers like you in our forums.

But sometimes there’s an older photonovel that appears to have been lost in cyberspace – for those of you who have been around for years in this hobby, remember the old stories by photonovel legends Dan Curto and Scott Corrales?  Or the amazing Clone Wars storyline by SA Longhorn

Those stories, and even the latest ones by various customizers can all be found on the greatest photonovel library of them all: The Photonovel Alliance.