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Yakfinities Continues

Yakfinities #83 runs through July 31.

Yakfinities #83 continues! Head on over to the forums to check out all of the cool Cantina Denizens submitted so far, and while you’re at it, roll up your sleeves and create a custom of your own!

As a reminder, we will have three random winners that will receive a prize… plus a random special prize winner who will receive a $25 gift certificate to our friends at Outer Rim Traders! Be sure to check them out too for some customizing supplies – they have many items that work out great for the current customizing theme.

Yakfinities #83: Cantina Denizens

Yakfinities #83 will run through July 31.

Yakfinities is back, with a new Customizing Challenge category decided by our readers. The theme takes us back to the first days of the saga – Cantina Denizens! We will have three random winners as usual that will receive a prize… plus a random special prize winner who will receive a $25 gift certificate to our friends at Outer Rim Traders!

As always, fan fiction entries are encouraged… your creation does not have to be of a character that was shown on screen. Custom entries may be submitted through July 31, but remember they need to be of a new custom you made… and if you are in need of some parts for your entry, head on over to Outer Rim Traders and check out their offerings. They have some great stuff at very reasonable prices… below are just a few examples!

So, head on over to our forums to get started by clicking here!

Yakfinities Voting is Open

Category voting for the customizing theme closes on April 24.

The rumors were true… Yakfinities Customizing Challenges, which ran from 2006-2021, have returned!

The first of many new Customizing Challenges kick off in our forums in May. Join in the fun and help determine the theme, and then let’s see some new custom figure submissions after the winning theme is declared!

The choices are: Droids of War, Cantina Denizens, Order 66 Survivors, Dark Side Sensitives, The Imperial Remnant, and Separatist Sympathizers.

If you’re registered in our forums, take a moment and cast your vote by clicking here!

Customizer Spotlight: Fuchs ArtWerks

Yakface site reader and friend Fuchs Artwerks recently shared with me some pics of his custom 1:18 Great Mothers. These are great customs that hopefully Hasbro realizes into figure form for The Vintage Collection.

Give him a follow on his FB account Fuchs Artwerks, and check out the other great pics here shared of these amazing customs!

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Update: Regal Robot Reveals Archive Collection Yak Face 1:1 Concept Maquette Replica

Limited to just 125 busts, this signature edition Saelt-Marae™ aka Yak Face™ bust maquette* is part of our Star Wars™ Archive Collection, a continuation and expansion of our work creating authentic replicas with impeccable lineage.

With hands-on access to the original film artifact and high resolution 3D scanning, our team crafted a faithful recreation of the Judy Elkins-sculpted concept maquette for this fan-favorite alien character from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™.

For additional details, check out

*This may or may not look like me in the morning.

Update: Now available for preorder