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Yakfinities Continues

The current Yakfinities Customizing Challenge runs through June 30.

There have been a lot of great entries over the past few weeks in the forums but we’d love to see more.  Whether you are a seasoned customizing veteran, or have never attempted a custom before, we invite you to join in the fun – head on over to the forums and submit a custom of your own after the jump!

Just remember, all customs submitted should be new customs created for this current Yakfinities (not older customs even if they fit the “Desert Dwellers” theme).


A new Yakfinities Customizing Challenge will commence in April.

Right now, registered Yakface forum members can vote on the theme.  The categories are:  Entertainers, Desert Dwellers, First Order Forces, Kit Bash Vehicles, Imperial Scavengers and Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy.  

If you are registered in our forums, click here to vote!

Yakfinities Continues

The current Yakfinities Customizing Challenge only has a few weeks left!  Be sure to get your Concept Series entries in by the deadline of March 31.

Concept Series customs can be anything from figures based on Ralph McQuarrie concept artwork to something from you own imagination.  What if Luke Skywalker had never gone into seclusion?  Or if Leia had become a full fledged Jedi Knight?  What if tauntauns could fly?

Check out the latest custom entries or submit your own after the jump!  

6″ Battle Droid Variants: Let’s Get It Done

Now that we’ve got the base B1 Battle Droid for the 6″ Black Series, I thought I’d whip up a concept for a potential exclusive (or series of exclusives). As you know, there are a plethora of decos available for the B1 so I whipped up what I think would be a great 4pk some online retailer could offer* which could include OOM-9, Security, Battle Damage Droid and Geonosis Arena variants.

*This is not a hint or veiled tease of an unannounced product.