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Rare Navajo Screening of A New Hope at Celebration


Star WarsA New Hope was the first mainstream movie to be dubbed into the Navajo language, and fans at Celebration can see a behind-the-scenes documentary on how that came to be, created especially for the event.

Following the never-before-seen documentary footage, and a Q&A session with key players from the Navajo Nation and the film industry, Star WarsA New Hope will be screened in the Navajo dub – a treat for Star Wars movie fans, and fans of languages, and of course for anyone who speaks Navajo!

For more info head to the Star Wars Celebration website.

Revenge of the Sith 3D To Premiere at Celebration Anaheim


I received my latest issue of the Star Wars Insider today and was surprised to read that Revenge of the Sith will be making its theatrical 3D premiere during Celebration Anaheim in April. Attendees will be able to view the entire Prequel Trilogy in 3D (along with the Original Trilogy in non-3D) over the course of the four day event.

New CVI Autographing Guests Announced

Adding to the already impressive guest list, StarWarsCelebration.com announces that 6 more signers have committed to the event. They are: Amy Allen (Aayla Secura), Kenny Baker (R2-D2), Garrick Hagon (Biggs Darklighter), Christopher Malcolm (Zev Senesca), Jake Lloyd (Anakin Skywalker) and Bonnie Piesse (Beru Whitesun/Lars)

Head on over to the official CVI site to check the list so far!

And as long as you are attending CVI, why not party like it’s 1983 and get your tickets for the Yakface/Star Wars Action News Fan Party?