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Smuggler’s Gambit Available for Download

StarWars.com has post the audio file for Kyle Newman’s Star Wars: Smuggler’s Gambit – A Han Solo Adventure which we saw performed live at Celebration VI.

Set your speakers to hyperspace and buckle up for a rip-roaring, all-new Star Wars adventure – Smuggler’s Gambit — starring everyone’s favorite scoundrels Han Solo and Chewbacca! Performed in the spirit of the classic Star Wars NPR radio dramas and set in the Original Trilogy era, Smuggler’s Gambit tests Han and Chewie’s commitment to the cause as they venture off to reclaim their glory days, only to realize that their decision to help the Rebellion take down the Death Star was not without consequence…

Sponsor News: K & C Collectibles

K&C Collectibles has the Clone Commander Fox action figure, Gentle Giant Studios mini busts, K-Mart 2-packs and more in-stock this week.

New: Clone Wars Action Figures:
CW15 – Ahsoka Scuba Gear
CW16 Super Battle Droid – Training Droid
CW17 Clone Commander Wolffe
CW18 – Clone Commander Fox

In-Stock: Special Action Figure Set:

Ewok Scouts and Endor AT-ST Crew

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Episode 363: Pablo Hidalgo’s Essential Companion

On October 6, 2012 is the first Star Wars Reads day. Across the country bookstores will be hosting events celebrating Star Wars books, both fiction and nonfiction. Many stores are having Star Wars authors speak and autograph books, including the Barnes & Noble in Roseville, MN where Star Wars Action News hosts Marjorie and Arnie will be going to see authors Troy Denning, Daniel Wallace, and John Jackson Miller.

With Star Wars Reads day being the biggest thing for Star Wars fans since Celebration VI, it is the perfect time for the release of Pablo Hidalgo’s Star Wars: The Essential Reader’s Companion. With Star Wars fiction predating the Star Wars films themselves, and with a constant stream of expanded universe novels coming for over twenty years, The Essential Reader’s Companion provides summaries, trivia, and artwork for over 100 Star Wars adult novels, plus many more junior novels and comics besides!

On this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast, Arnie sits down with Pablo to discuss the inception of this new book and how it can be used by Star Wars readers of all experience levels–from those who’ve just read their first novel to the experienced reader who’s consumed every book released!

And also on this week’s show, Star Wars fans and Disney fans alike go crazy for Disney’s Vinylmation figures. Exclusive to the Disney theme parks, the second series of Vinylmations was released in August, simultaneous with Star Wars Celebration VI. Events were held on both coasts, at Disney World in Orlando, and Disneyland in California, and Podcast Enhancer Berent’s significant other Carmilla attended Disneyland to get a set of these figures! On this week’s podcast, listen to hear their impressions of this new series, and how you can win a full set of these figures from Star Wars Action News!

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CurtoBurns Collectors Cast: Ep. 5

At long last we bring you the Curto Burns Collectors Cast for September featuring all our coverage from Star Wars Celebration VI, packed full with guests including (in no particular order) Athena Bateman, Paul Harrison, Frank Diorio, Chris Spice, Mark Newbold, Matt Booker, the Hasbro Team, a 501st invasion and of course no show would be complete without Steve Sansweet too. Listen as James Burns and Dan Curto takes you back to share their memories from the greatest convention of the year from a galaxy far far away!

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Episode 361: Celebration VI Memories

With so much anticipation it’s hard to believe Star Wars Celebration VI is over, but with all the good times come good memories! On this week’s Star Wars Action News, Marjorie and Arnie listen to recounts of some of the best times people had at Star Wars Celebration VI, from meeting celebrities to shopping to making friends to just partying, you shared your thoughts on this episode of the podcast.

Then Jerry comes with an unusual Vintage Viewpoint, looking at Celebration VI from the perspective of a vintage collector. From Celebration VI store items that harkened back to days of OT to some of the rare items seen on the show floor, Jerry recaps it all.

With a store report on new exclusive items hitting shelves and more, it’s all in this week’s Star Wars Action News podcast!

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Episode 360 Part 5: It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Celebration

On Sunday night Star Wars Celebration was winding down, but the Collectors’ Social Area still had hundreds of people pouring through trying to complete their Star Tots collection! Marjorie, Arnie, Berent, Jay, and Steve were all there handing out Star Tots but as the line grew longer the Star Wars Action News team took a break to reflect on the end of Star Wars Celebration VI. In this final episode of Celebration coverage, Marjorie, Arnie, Berent, Steve, and Scott from Tulsa reflect on the high points of C6, discuss Celebration Europe 2 in Germany, the release of both Episodes II and III in 3-D in 2013, and the SWAG they got and missed.

Listen to this episode of Star Wars Action News, then share YOUR thoughts on Celebration. If you attended, what did you love? What did you see? Who did you meet? If you didn’t attend, will you be attending Celebration Europe 2? Are you excited by the expedited release of the prequels? What did you think of Detours? Let us know at 415-508-JEDI or send an MP3 to show@swactionnews.com

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Episode 360 Part 3: Live from Celebration VI, Saturday Afternoon

Celebration VI was underway, George Lucas was taking a Detour on stage, but Marjorie, Arnie, and a number of Star Wars Action News listeners were still having fun in the Star Wars Collectors’ Social Area Saturday at noon! Listen to the second live podcast from the show where the Star Wars Action News hosts discuss being frozen in Carbonite, the bounty of items found at the Social Area Swap Meet and Social Friday night, Marjorie’s impending new tattoo, and more! Plus we have an interview with the voice of Star Wars fiction, Marc Thompson who performed the audiobook editions of the Thrawn Trilogy of novels, the Legacy of the Force and Fate of the Jedi series, and many more!

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