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Shocking! Another Unannounced Exclusive Revealed


Jedi Temple Archives directs our attention to a new image from StarWars-Figuren that reveals an exclusive Star Wars Battlefront Shocktrooper for the 6″ Black Series line. No official details are available at this time regarding US distribution, but look for an update as more info is gathered.


Update: Order Sixty Six Toys in the UK currently has this for preorder and they give a look at the packaging as well.

Are These Worth $12.99 Each?


Volkerc has posted another batch of Hasbro goodies at starwars-figuren.com, which really show that the last SA figures before the new launch this Fall have gotten back to the awesome TVC quality of figures that Hasbro is capable of.

If the quality is this good, perhaps the new asking price of $12.99 at most places may be worth it.  Check them out by clicking on the image above, and share your thoughts in our forums.