Yakface/Hasbro QnA: Session 88

The Yakface/Hasbro QnA returns this week with questions submitted on 5/27. In this session get official answers regarding the details of the Rebel Fleet Trooper and his missing accessories and a non-answer answer regarding upcoming waves of figures.

Q1: The new TVC Rebel Fleet Trooper has been one of the most eagerly anticipated retools for many years. Now that he is finally upon us (if we can find him), what was the reasoning behind including the “blink-and-you’d-miss-it” cap accessory versus giving him an actual functioning holster – a detail present (although only for show) on the previous 1997 POTF2 and 2001 POTJ sculpts? Also what happened to the staff that he was pictured with at Toy Fair? Is this all a Sith plot to double dip with this mold later and include the holster and the staff in some future release??? Expectant collectors want to know!

A1: We wanted to make him the best trooper possible, so we added accessories in order to allow him to be the Tantive IV figure or from the awards ceremony.  The staff was planned to be included but it did not fit into the Vintage Collection package.  Or, Darth Sidious informed us that the staff was not needed…


Q2: E-tailers have been updating their pre-orders with a cargo hold of new product in the past few weeks, but there has been a curious observation with some of the Vintage Collection waves. It seems that certain waves have leap-frogged over others in terms of order of release and some figures are nowhere to be found (Aayla Secura, Dr. Evazon, Echo Base Trooper, Nom Anor, etc.). Obviously rearranging has to be done from what was planned at the beginning of the year due to unforeseen delays or other factors like the incorporation of the Revenge of the Jedi recards. Can we get an approximate wave breakdown/contents/release order list for the remainder of the year?

A2: New figures are on the way!  New waves Vintage figures will be hitting stores throughout the rest of the year.  The contents of specific waves often change based on development schedules and consumer demand, so we would prefer not to publish a list of specific figures by wave for the rest of the year.