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Yakface/Hasbro CVI QnA: The Questions

We have set up a time to meet with Hasbro for a one-on-one interview/QnA session immediately following the Celebration VI presentation on Friday, Aug. 24. Beside the obvious, where are the figures? and distribution questions, what would you like us to ask them? We only have 10 min with them so not every question submitted can and/or will be asked, but you can post your question(s) here in comments section, on facebook or in our forums for consideration.

Hasbro QnA Delayed… Again

Hasbro informs us that the answers for the questions we submitted back on 9/16, that were originally scheduled to be back to us on 10/13, then rescheduled for delivery after NYCC, have been officially cancelled. New questions were due to them this morning and those will be returned to us (hopefully) on November 7th. We’ll see…..

Feel free to keep submitting questions in our forums.

Yakface/Hasbro QnA: Session 87

The Yakface/Hasbro QnA returns this week with questions submitted on 4/29. In this session get official answers regarding the availability of the proper Spacetrooper, a confirmation of a delayed vehicle in “Vintage-style” packaging and the deafening silence regarding distribution of figures this year. Click through for the details.

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