Battle of the Pegwarmers


We’re only a few weeks into the launch of The Black Series, and the very figures that collectors said would pile up and prevent later waves from reaching retail are already seeing the first signs of pegwarmer dust in my area.

Funny how that works… but, maybe it’s not that bad everywhere else and Hasbro knew what they were doing by doubling up on certain figures rather than throwing in the new Emperor’s Royal Guard or something ultra cool and in demand like the TVC Magna Guard?

Maybe the market is wrong about what the market wants to spend their own money on?  Just maybe we all want to buy multiple Anakins and need armies of Biggs?  Share your thoughts and reports on this first wave in the forums!

  • Michael Kyzer

    I wanted to share my Wal Mart grab from the other day…check the prices.

  • It’s not really reaching that level here. While there aren’t a ton of these on the shelves in Dallas yet, it’s steady enough that the only one I’ve yet to see more than once is Padme (who was the only one I was determined to get before I got any others). If I had to say one was on shelves more than others, it’s the Biker Scout, but that’s it, and even that’s not keeping the pegs from cooling.

    Saga Legends are solidly stocked, as are Mission Series, but none of them have reached what anything close to pegwarmer status. They seem to be solid sellers, at least where they can break through the wall of TPMTVC and MH/CW/DTF leftovers.

    I’ve heard reports of the TBS6 line hitting, but I haven’t personally seen them yet.

  • DarthPudgy

    Still haven’t seen them. But I want a few Biggs! (I know, I know…I’m the only one :-))

  • mintoncard

    To my surprise, one of my local Targets put out 2 full cases of the 6″ Black Series this morning. Didn’t need any, but it was nice to see them.

  • madezra

    It be nice to get them on the actual pegs to pegwarm in the first place! But online where I am it seems to be Biggs and Vader who are the slow sellers. Did we need another Vader? Would we rather persevered with the TAC Biggs and had an all new character? I know I would have.
    How are the legends doing BTW? Hasbro seems to think kids buy more than collectors so they should be flying off the shelves. I don’t really like any of that first wave of legends.

  • Gary H

    My Target store (NCentral Ohio) has gotten replenishments already for the 6″ line as the first shipments have been sold through. We have not received a single case of 3.75″ at all! We still have TVC filling all the pegs…so not really expecting them to arrive soon.

    Although, on my recent trip to Orlando, I found a Target that had the entire first wave of the 3.75″ line on the pegs! I was unable to buy because of fund shortage…but nice to see anyway!

  • Mike_5555

    I actually haven’t seen any Black Series figures yet, but I had a feeling Biggs and Anakin would start to pile up after awhile.

  • I am seeing the pile-up but its all the same figures here in NYC. Biker scouts, Biggs and Anakin.

  • Michael Kyzer

    My local Wal Marts have TBS 4″ for $8.00, is that the price everywhere?

    • Paul B

      No. $9.96 plus tax. Your lucky. I bought Biggs last night. My total was $10.61 my Walmart discount knocked off a dollar. So yea, $8 dollars is great. 🙂

      • Michael Kyzer

        That’s the only reason I grabbed the whole wave.

    • Mike_5555

      No, that’s cheaper than the average cost. Consider yourself lucky 🙂

    • Sjefke


      Dang, I’ve already opened mine.

      • Michael Kyzer

        I posted a copy of the receipt.

  • Michael Kyzer

    From the 6″ TBS I’ve seen Luke and R2 as the slower movers with the Sandtrooper moving out within a day of hitting shelves. The 4″ TBS potential warmers appears to be Anakin in the lead followed by Biggs, Darth and the Biker Scout tied for third. All my TRUs, Wal Marts and Targets have sold out of Padme followed by the Clone Pilot and the Clone Sergeant. I was kind of surprised the Clones in my area disappeared so fast.

    -Mike K.
    San Diego

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    This is all going to come down to actual production numbers, in my estimation. If Hasbro drastically reduces their case counts from last year, things will work out okay. I think they said they were taking a more measured approach with production numbers for this Fall but these case assortments ain’t helping. That being said, I’m not buying “so-so” figures like Biggs and the Clone Pilot until Toys”R”us has their BOGO 50% sales. I can live without these figures for $10 each, and apparently so can almost everyone else… everyone knows that apparently but Hasbro.

    • Thanks for your perspective on this Rykrof. I can’t say it’s the same in my area. TBS is essentially non-existent, but it’s certainly merits a discussion on why caution and concern are warranted, especially regardless of what a miserable forum troll feels the need to post otherwise.

      • Darth Eddie

        Earlier today I saw a Black Series Anakin whose bubble was – surprise – peeling away from the cardback.

        I know. Nationwide spoiler alert, huh?

        • I’ve been meaning to check the other Wal-Mart (across from the stadium) but I’m almost skurred to look and see how the TBS packaging is holding up there.

          The ones at the Eastchase store looked fine to me and I had to use a boxcutter to remove the bubble (but I always do that, anyway, since I keep the cardbacks).

  • darthpurge

    I’ve had a hard time finding any of the 6″ line (southern suburbs of Boston) so I haven’t bought any of those yet. The 3.75″ are easier to find but I wouldn’t say they’re pegwarming at this point.

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      They are pegwarming at ToysRus… that’s really the only place that’s gotten in more than a case in my area… the other stores that only got one case a few weeks ago still have figures like Biggs, Anakin, clone pilot

  • Paul B

    In my area of northeast Ohio, I wouldn’t say TBS is pilling up, both TRU And Walmart have gotten cases of TBS. TRU completely sold through theirs minus an Anakin and Clone pilot. Walmart on the other hand, has sold through half the case, leaving Anakin, Biggs, the clone pilot, the clone lieutenant and the biker scout. Once I buy the clone pilot, the clone lieutenant and the biker scout, that leaves a Biggs, two Anakins and a biker scout hanging on Walmarts peg hooks.

    • Sjefke

      Padme is definitely the big seller in my area, but that’s just in TrU and Kmart. Target still has TPM to clear out and Walmart just put their DTFs on clearance at $7. Neither has any 3.75 TBS.

      • Haven’t seen anything other than Anakin, Biggs, and Vader! =( My local stores in my area just have all the Saga Legends figures.

      • Not a surprise, I’d gotten the only one (Darklighter and Anakin were the only two left, three total). I think this was the version of Padme’ many collectors, including myself, were waiting for. That was probably her biggest action scene in all three episodes.

        One more for a future Geonosis battle scene.

        “This party’s over.”

        Me: “Masters Shaak Ti and Luminara!! Barriss!! Bultar Swan!! OMG it’s like I won the Jedi LOTTERY, ALL of them are here!!”

        And I REALLY wanted to see that in 3-D, too!!

        • Sjefke

          I’ve been waiting for a this version too. Shame about the lip paint, but underneath, the facial likeness is the best there is.
          BTW, check your email.

          For me in 3D, the Battle of Geonosis and the speeder chase through Endor.

          I’ve been looking for Evolution Swan. Very HTF, but much better than the comic pack version.

          What’s your opinion on the Battle of Geonosis Battle Packs coming out? Two new female Jedi. {:-)

          • Rykrof_Enloe

            I think they are decent sets – but not anything I’m head over heels over… now if these were some sort of Cantina, Jabba’s Palace or Outlander Club characters, I’d be all over multiples of each set!

          • Sjefke

            I’m totally with you there. Aliens sell better than humans, and Hasbro is running out of interesting Battle of Geonosis Jedi. As far as iconic aliens are concerned, it just doesn’t get any better than Chalmun’s Cantina or Jabba’s Palace.

          • Paul B

            Bespin aliens???

          • Well, the kids and younger collectors are usually more into the alien Separatist leaders! =P The Original Trilogy is entirely new to them.

          • I’d gotten that Bultar Swan individually, as I really didn’t need or want the other two from that pack. Compared to other female Jedi actresses, the likeness to Mimi Daraphet is pretty close. If you think the brown Jedi robes looks huge on somebody like Aayla – it’s ENORMOUS on Miss Swan! I thought I’d give it a try and she looked like a little girl trying on mom’s clothes! LOL!!

            I’ve seen those two packs but to ME, they all look like boys!! Once I see them myself, I’ll be able to differentiate. I heard one of them is Depa Billaba’s sister. Because the actress, Joti, couldn’t be present at the Arena battle filming, they replaced her with her younger sister. She was the one with the Leia Bespin braids and hollered out in a closeup of herself. Allegedly Depa stayed behind with the Youngling’s.

          • Speaking of Bultar Swan – I’d been cussing ’bout how Filoni’s never even acknowledged Billaba as a member of the Council, ever. And Bultar Swan could have been used at least in one episode, for some variety of Jedi, anyway.

            But because Bultar Swan and Shaak Ti managed to evade Order 66 for a while, I wonder if either one will be used on the upcoming Rebels show, if it’s post-Order 66? Miss Swan I think was part of a small Jedi group trying to lure Vader to where they were and try to defeat him. Didn’t work out 🙁 LOL!!!

      • Darth Eddie

        Padme’s the big seller and hardest one to find around here, that’s for sure.

  • charchar

    I think it’s all a conspiracy and that disney will purchasing hasbro due to slumping sales…

    • They already control most of Hasbro’s merchandise! Look at all the Angry Birds and other ridiculous merchandise!

  • I can only find a lone Biggs figure hanging on a single peg amongst a plethora of 2012 figures at my local Wal-Mart. Most stores in my area don’t even have any of the new Black Series figures, but have everything else instead!