The Mara Jade Fix


From the moment the first final production photo hit the web, collectors were up in arms over the head sculpt for Mara Jade. Thankfully there is an extremely easy fix. I picked up a Marvel Universe Black Widow figure from Toys”R”Us today and with zero customization or altering, the head is a direct swap for Mara Jade. What is great about the head sculpt is that the hair is rubbery allowing for full range of neck movement and zero arm/shoulder binding. Click the image above for a closer look and be sure to comment on what you think.

Update: Here is a requested side-by-side comparison shot as well.


  • How much is the widow figure? and is it available in England?

    • zx_spectrum_30

      I you have a large Sainsbury’s near you try that – they have been clearing out the Avengers figures for about £1.99

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  • Darth_Raww

    Wow. Just wow. Nicely done! And thanks for the suggestion; I think I’ll pick up Mara now.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    I want to try a Shae Vizla head.

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  • LadyFerry

    Fantastic! I’m gonna do that now.

  • Darth Eddie

    Night and day. It’s really sad that Hasbro spent that much time developing the new Mara figure and missed the target so badly with her head. I don’t know how anybody in quality control thought those eyebrows were a good look on her.

    I’m grateful we got a new Mara and she’s collector-focused and super articulated (the body from the neck peg on down is amazing), but that head is just a complete misfire. After all these many years of waiting for a new Mara Jade we should have gotten a much better head sculpt than this.

    Congrats and many thanks for this head swap and the new photos!

  • RumSleg

    That’s such a huge improvement! I’m definitely going to do this – plus gently scratch off Widow’s bright red lipstick. I imagine Mara would go with a softer color.

    Also, anyone else ever wonder why an assassin would go around sleeveless all the time? Makes no sense to me. Give this woman some sleeves so she can dive and roll without scratching her shoulders!

  • Matthew

    Is this Black Widow figure a TRU exclusive?

    • YAK_Jayson


  • Matthew

    How similar is that Black Widow to the Avengers movie one?

  • Arnold Corso

    hate to be a downer here, but I’m not crazy about it. The skin tone on the head is a bit darker and a bit too small for the Mara body. How about just ripping off the hair of both and swapping that?

    • RumSleg

      That wouldn’t solve her manly eyebrow problem.

      • Arnold Corso

        for me (or at least on my sample) the eyebrows are the lesser evil. At least in that photo, the different skin tone of the Black Widow head would bother me more.

        I’m working on my own custom, but it’s going to take a little while because I have to do more modifications than I’d expected.

  • sybeck1

    So you can go from Carrot Top to Kelley LeBrock!

    • Arnold Corso

      Kelley LeBrock – isn’t that a downgrade?

      • He means Top Gun Kelley LeBrock, not now Kelly LeBrock. (Edit: I mean Weird Science). Kelli McGinnis is Top Gun.

        • Arnold Corso

          Ah, got it! I take back my comment 🙂 I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t realize that was Kelley LeBrock in Top Gun. I only remember her from modern photos.

          • Well, I totally threw you off. I knew it was McGillis but I called her LeBrock erroneously. McGillis = Top Gun, LeBrock = Weird Science. They were both beautiful ladies of the 80s however.

          • Arnold Corso

            ok, I saw Weird Science once but don’t remember it as well. I’ll have to Google photos of her (notice the uppercase “g” in Google)

  • BigJim Slade

    You read my mind! This has been my plan from the start. I’ve got several extra Black Widow figures & I’ve just been waiting for my Mara Jade to do the swap. Funny thing about it is I was going to submit photos of the fix when I had done it. Looks like you beat me to it. Good show!

    • MarkEL

      Do the heads just pop off and on to make the switch or do you have to glue them in place?

      • The Mara/Black Widow heads just pop off and can be switched, No gluing is necessary.

      • BigJim Slade

        Just pop off. No glue. In instances where the peg is too large or hole is too narrow, I will either use a file to shave down the peg or use a tiny dremel drill to hollow out the hole. But thankfully this is not necessary for Mara

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  • TheaterG33k

    Amazingly superior!

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Yep, much better!

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  • Paul B

    Could you please do a side by side comparison shot of the two, to show how great the fix is, verses how bad the final figure came out?

    • YAK_Jayson