• Zachary Hering

    Raven is amazing. Hope we all find him somewhat easily. May the force be with us all.

  • Rebel KMK

    I am all about the Empire so the AT-AT driver and the Snowtrooper are a MUST. The rest Pass!


    Is it just me, or does Leia look even WORSE now?!?!

    • Bombadgungan

      It’s just you.

      Although that last loose Leia image above looks a bit different (read: not nearly as good) as the rest. The first seven Leia pics look great!

  • John Lindquist

    The AT-AT Pilot has the modified blaster from Rogue One. I wonder if it’s just a mistake, or a sign that this design will appear in the movie?

    • Well, there are a bunch of AT-ATs in the trailer, so it probably will.

  • Bombadgungan

    All great stuff here, and yet the next article above about the 5-POA TFA repacks gets 3 times the comments. I don’t get it.

    • General Hux

      I think you know why the other article has more comments…

      • Bombadgungan

        Complaining is the hottest new hobby everyone is into?

  • Bombadgungan

    With 9 figures shown here, I’m guessing this comprises 3 waves? Plus we still have the recently revealed RO Darth Vader, Baze Malbus and Chirrut Imwe to slot in.

  • Bombadgungan

    WOW! This is going to be an in-demand wave! I can’t wait for all of these!

    I’m not a big Darth Revan fan, but he looks cool, so I’ll grab one anyway. I am however a big fan of the AT-AT Driver and Snowtrooper. “Hairbuns” Leia is a must have! I haven’t traditionally been the biggest Old Ben fan throughout the years, but I recently find myself more drawn to him. I must be getting older. LOL! Threepio I may pass on in favor of the Walgreens exclusive version. Or… I’ll get both because I just love this golden droid that much! Sabine is looking good and will be a great accompaniment to my Kanan & Ahsoka. The Scarif Stormtrooper is one of my early favorites from Rogue One. I liken him to RO’s version of the Biker Scouts, which I love!

    So much goodness!!!

  • chad

    Yeah, this wave is filled with Awesomeness. The Leia is a far cry to the figure we saw at Celebration Europe. She came out great. I pre ordered this wave from woozymoo.com never heard of them before.

  • ronstoneygold

    There are some really good figures here.

    C-3PO is not one of them. He looks like he is in pain with the awkward arm position. So unfortunate Hasbro chose to save money in this manner. At the very least, in going this cheap route they could have included an interchangeable arm (for movie accuracy throughout TFA) and/or leg (while also addressing OT). Booo Hasbro.

    The Captain Raven, or whoever he is, I’ll probably just get without any real desire other than to have all the numbers in this Black Series packaging line, though I’m still undecided about that 3PO figure. It’s really bad.

    But the rest are incredible. Leia is fantastic.

  • Paulskywalker

    These all look so fantastic. Really liking Sabine and the Scarif Commander.

  • Chris Henry

    So glad I preordered wave 3. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Revan hit $100 plus on the secondary market.

    • Seronious

      I have to admit, I have no idea why he’s so popular by the fandom. I consider that one the weakest one of the 9 shown here. He looks like a cross between dracula, a cheap samurai, and a creature from a cheap b-movie horror film. He just doesn’t interest me very much. Secondly, most people other than super fans aren’t going to know who he is, or where he’s from since he hasn’t appeared in any of the 8 Star Wars Films, nor any of the two recent TV series.

      Either way, I like the other 8 quite a bit. Leia, Ben, AT-AT Driver, Snowtrooper, and the Scarif Squad Trooper Leader look great to me. C3PO, Krennic, and Sabine look good too. If I wasn’t a darn completist, i’d have no interest in Revan.

      • Bombadgungan

        I’m kind of in the same camp as you Seronious. This figure is in no way essential to my collection. But as I understand it, the game he appeared in was fairly popular and he was one of the lead characters? So I have no doubt that he will sell like hotcakes. I’m guessing part of the fervor over him is also because the 3.75″ figure was relatively rare, only being released in one wave in small numbers and it now commands a huge premium on the secondary market. I haven’t played KOTOR, so at this point he is just a nifty character design to me. And yes, his design is a bit fan-boy stereotypical. All those points you make, I can see a bit of that in him. But who knows, if I find one I may still pick it up (though I’d much rather have the 3 3/4″ release).

  • Fiery Little One

    In another room of my house, my wallet is crying while cursing me out for this.

  • Mark

    Any word on when these are going to be released?

    • Chris Henry