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Sponsor News: New WonderCon TVC and TBS Preorders

Today features another round of preorders for the Vintage Collection and Black Series lines. Links go live at approximately 1pm ET.

Entertainment Earth (affiliate)* – Free shipping on orders over $79
TVC Kanan Jarrus – $16.99
TVC Ezra Bridger (Hero of Lothal) – $16.99
TVC Fan Channel Wave 5 Case Assortment – $135.99
TVC Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios – $24.99

TBS Deluxe Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead) – $34.99

*Use code YAKFACE for 10% all in-stock items

Amazon (affiliate)
TVC Kanan Jarrus – $16.99
TVC Ezra Bridger (Hero of Lothal) – $16.99

New TVC Reveals at WonderCon

Hasbro reveal physical product at WonderCon 2024 for the previously pipelined TVC Zeb Orrelios (Deluxe), Kanan Jarrus (VC318), and Ezra Bridger – Hero of Lothal (VC319).

All three figures feature new parts to differentiate them from their Haslab counterparts, with Kanan being virtually all new.

All 3 figures are fan channel exclusives* and will be available for preorder April 3 at 1pm ET.

Images via @swtvc on Instagram

Kanan and Ezra will be available through Fan Channel and Amazon. Zeb is Fan Channel only.

Objective Complete: Haslab TVC The Ghost Funded and All Tiers Unlocked

With over 8 hours to go, the Haslab Vintage Collection The Ghost with the Phantom II, Hera Syndulla and all 3 action figure tiers have been unlocked leaving us with another fully successful Vintage Collection campaign. The 17,000 backer threshold also means that Sabine and Chopper will be made available on their respective mural cardbacks for everyone (sold separately) through Hasbro Pulse. Congratulations to the Hasbro Star Wars team, it was a fun ride that ran in typical TVC Haslab fashion, and hopefully the next one will be as well received.

And now that all tiers are unlocked, it will remain to be seen if those waiting will jump in before the deadline. #gettheghost

Update: the campaign has now ended with approximately 21,768 units backed.

TBS Ahsoka Wave Revealed/Leaked on eBay

Well, it only took 5 days but the Black Series Ahsoka wave leaked and is currently on eBay from seller ddmark

The wave should breakdown as follows:
1x Ahsoka
1x Sabine
1x Morgan Elsbeth
1x HK-87 Assassin Droid
2x Ezra Bridger (Lothal)
2x Chopper*

Yes, Chopper from Star Wars Rebels is being reissued for this wave. There are bound to be some slight deco variances but it is essentially a repack. The packaging does have a few tweaks including a new UPC, sku and assortment number to bring it into this wave.

Thanks to @blackseriescantina for the heads up