• Seamus Gameus

    I thought that the Trooper was a one time thing lol Is he a big Star Wars fan?

  • chad

    Souldn’t they have done a Kevin Smith Pop figure? At least he is a Star Wars fan and well known to be one.

  • nate e.

    It’s hilarious. Looks just like him. But it should be taller. Dude is TALL.

  • Cryptid

    At least it’s not a Jimmy Fallon Funko.

  • CT-7567

    Honest question: Does anyone actually want this?

    • Completists, yes. Funko Fanatics, yes. Conan fans, maybe. Average SW collector, not really.

      • Caleb

        Don’t forget – ginger enthusiasts

      • CT-7567

        I’ve certainly got nothing against Conan. I just don’t watch his show. Is he known for being a big SW fan?

  • heybert17

    If they do like they have the last few years they will also give away 500 to the TV audience. Each night of SDCC he will give a code word during his show you enter on the website.

    • Dellatscott

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      • heybert17

        Why is there no place on the internet where you can avoid this SPAM crap.

  • Now I would buy this! Team Coco all the way!

  • tigersith

    Don’t collect this line, but how ridiculous!!

  • Inexplicable Nuclear Balls

    Can’t wait to buy him on eBay for $5,000.

  • Jason

    *Smacks Lucasfilm with a newspaper* No!

  • Shoretrooper