• salvatore heaphy

    I was hoping someone could help me.Is there any place online jakks sells these after the con if there are extras? if so i would love to be pointed in the right direction! thanks.

  • Seamus Gameus

    This I would like very well done

  • darthmadonna

    Oh nice. LOL I had only seen loose images and I couldn’t figure out WTH they were doing. Now with him in the package I think it looks pretty cool and clever.

  • So cool! Have they announced a price?

  • Bombadgungan

    Wow! That is cool! Although I suspect it is going to look better from a distance than up close. Scrutinize too closely and it may look like a pre-schooler got ahold of it with their finger paints.

    • Inexplicable Nuclear Balls

      Plus you really need to leave it in the package to maintain the intended presentation. At least the packaging is nice.

  • Ben Bonstein
  • DustinW

    Impressive, most impressive.

  • Richard Grissom Jr.

    18″ or 31″?

    • 20″ I suspect

      • Kraig Mclaughlin

        I’m sure it’s the same sculpt and electronics of the 20″ deluxe. Looks nice, but even if I could get to SDCC, might not be able to get one. Couldn’t get the holo Vader a couple years back from EE, despite waiting in line at 10am fir a couple hours. Did get Biba though at the Jakks booth easily, so maybe this will be accessible too, when not competing with everything that a booth like EE has to offer.

        • KRISDFA

          The 3po and Phasma from last year are readily available for less than retail, if you’re patient…

          • deecee4

            Yeah, surprisingly, I got good deals for both of them on ebay.

          • Kraig Mclaughlin

            I did pick up 3PO for 50 bucks on Amazon, but I feel the fact it was TFA 3PO didn’t help its popularity.

      • souldeserter

        Correct – it says 20 inch figure in the small print at the base of the box.

        This looks very cool.