Rumor Report: Details For The Black Series on Force Friday II

As we continue to gather details for Force Friday II in September, we’ve managed to assemble a preliminary “rumor” list of two waves of Black Series figures slated for release starting Sept 1. Wave 1 has been nailed down for a while but Wave 2 has some “newness” to it.

Again, this is a rumor list and not set in stone, zero bothans (but a few brain cells) died to bring is this information.

Wave 1 and 2 consist of 8 figure case packs:

Wave 1:
2x Darth Vader (Episode IV – 40AC repack)
1x Foxtrot 1 – Rey (Episode VIII)
1x Cool Beta – Luke Skywalker (Episode VIII)
1x Kylo Ren (Episode VIII)
1x Grand Admiral Thrawn (Star Wars Rebels – SDCC repack)
1x Hera Syndulla (Star Wars Rebels)
1x Stormtrooper (40AC repack)

Wave 2:
1x Snowtrooper (Wave 9 repack)
1x AT-AT Driver (Wave 9 repack)
1x Beta 1 – Poe Dameron (Episode VIII)
1x Victor 1 – Kylo Ren (Episode VIII) – wave 1 carry forward
1x Alpha 1 – Chewbacca?
1x Victor Guard 2 – Elite Praetorian Guard (Episode VIII)
1x General Leia (Episode VII)
1x Beta 2 – Finn (Episode VIII)

UPDATE 7/31: Victor 2 above has been replaced by Alpha 1 (speculated to be Chewbacca)