Sandtrooper Card Variant

Yakface reader “Shabby Blue” writes in with a very interesting find regarding a new variant surrounding the Vintage Collection Sandtrooper.

There appears to be a running change for the photo on the vintage Sandtrooper card. The original photo was more blurry with its colors faded, but the new version is sharper with deeper colors. It’s most noticable with the deeper blue sky and the sharper whiter looking sandtrooper in the photo. This new “blue sky” version has a newer date stamp on the back of the card, confirming that its the 2nd version with the faded card being the original. It’s also not a one-time factory error because I just saw a 2nd one at Walmart yesterday after finding the first at TRU earlier in the week. I’ve attached a few hi-res photos showing the difference. The new “blue sky” version is on the left and the old faded version is on the right.

Very cool Shabby Blue – thanks for the heads up!