Proto Fett Mailaway Form Clarification

With all of the confusion lately regarding the updates to the terms of the Prototype Boba Fett, we went straight to the source for clarification. Click through for their response.

Yakface: Recently, there have been a few revisions made to the terms of the Mailaway Prototype Boba Fett info posted on since August 31, 2011 (the date of the original posting).

Fans are looking for some definitive clarification to this as the original form (version 1) didn’t stipulate what action figure assortment UPCs were valid for the redemption form. As a result, last week the downloadable pdf form on was updated (version 2) to specifically call out the three qualifying assortments (Vintage, Clone Wars and Saga Legends). This sent the fan sites’ buzzing and Hasbro’s customer service phone line ringing fielding calls from confused collectors wondering if the original forms (version 1) would be honored from those that already sent in the forms, UPCs and S/H money.

Obviously the original form’s verbiage was in error, but now matters are worse as the online form has been further revised (now version 3 in as many weeks) and is now only a sample – (i.e. not available for redemption) and collectors must send in the actual printed form included with new figures that will be shipping to retailers. Again, collectors are wondering if the the Version 2 forms will be accepted as those aren’t the official “packed-in” printed forms.

Needless to say, collectors who are already frustrated with finding new product are further exasperated with this recent development. Does Hasbro have any official comment/details on this issue that we can pass on to our readers.

Thanks in advance for any insights you or your team can provide.


HASBRO: Thank you for sharing the community’s concerns, and sorry about the confusion!

Those individuals who have submitted non-watermarked downloaded redemption forms, or an on-pack redemption form, along with UPCs from any of Hasbro’s STAR WARS figure assortments will receive their figure. However, if the downloaded PDF redemption form was watermarked, it will not be accepted.

Moving forward, Hasbro will require the original on-pack redemption form, NOT the downloadable PDF version, along with UPCs from any of Hasbro’s STAR WARS figure assortments.

There you have it. If you sent in any of the forms before it was watermarked you are okay as should receive your figure.