Toyguide Update: Republic Troopers

The Yakface Toyguide updates resume today with the addition of our first entry for the 2012 “Darth Maul” product line. We kick things off with the Republic Troopers Battle Pack from The Clone Wars.

PROS: This set provides collectors with 3 new clones not offered previously, making it the real attraction of this particular assortment (the other two case mates are are laughably bad). The paint apps for each clone are well done (aside from Hardcase’s helmet deco being off slightly). The game cards get a refreshed design for 2012 and now invoke more of a trading card feel with large character portraits on one side with the game matrix on the reverse.

CONS: The figures themselves are great, some might protest the utilization of the “Stone” mold for 2 of the troopers but it is what it is. It is a bit disappointing that the Bomb Squad Trooper doesn’t include any actual bomb accessories.

Head to the toyguide for the full image gallery and to judge for yourself whether this set is worth adding to your collection.

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