Discover the Force G8-R3 Harness Variant

While photographing and reviewing the Walmart Exclusive G8-R3 a couple weeks ago, I noted that the power harness for the figure did not match the other harnesses included with the Royal Astromech Droids in terms of paint details/color.

After looking on ebay and reviewing similar image galleries at both Jedi Temple Archives and Rebelscum, I thought I might have inadvertently photographed the wrong harness for the toyguide since I gathered all of the related Naboo astromechs for a group shot.

I solicited my friend Paul at JTA for assistance as he happened to have a few G8’s on card to see if he spotted a variant amongst them and sure enough there was!

As you can see in the side-by-side image, the details on the harness “arms” have different details on the hub section and there is also a different red/green light configuration on the front of the harness arms (not visible in the carded photograph).

You can count on us adding this variant to our G8-R3 entry as soon as I can track one down for myself as all of the versions in my area have had the missing paint details (shown on the left).

Which one do you have? Leave a comment or a post in our forums. We welcome responses on facebook as well.