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TBS Mandalorian Shriek-Hawk Figures Revealed

It’s Acolyte premiere day so what better way to kick off that series with the launch of more Mandalorian figures! They are pretty cool though, I’ll give them that.

The Mandalorian Shriek-Hawk is a Target exclusive and the Mandalorian Shriek-Hawk Trainer 2pk is a Walmart exclusive.

Click on through for some additional info:

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New May 4th TBS/TVC/Retro Preorders

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Here are the links to today’s Black Series, Vintage Collection and Retro Collection preorders that were announced yesterday. Links go live at the designated times* below:

Amazon (Affiliate): 1pm ET
TBS Darth Sidious ($24.99)
TBS Super Battle Droid ($24.99)
TVC X-wing Pilot 4pk ($54.99)

Entertainment Earth (Affiliate): 1pm ET
TBS Darth Sidious ($24.99)
TBS Super Battle Droid ($24.99)
TVC X-wing Pilot 4pk ($54.99)

Hasbro Pulse: 1pm/2pm ET**
TBS Yoda & Clone Commander Gree 2pk ($44.99)
Retro Collection AOTC/ROTS 6pk ($59.99)
**Available 1pm ET for Premium Members/2pm ET General Public

GameStop: 1pm ET
TBS TPM Duel of the Fates 3pk ($74.99)

TBS Captain Enoch & Night Trooper 2pk ($44.97)
TBS Baylan Skoll (Mercenary) ($24.97)

Other Preorders: 11am ET
TBS Mace Windu & 187th Legion Clone 2pk – DisneyStore ($39.99)
TBS Clone Trooper & Battle Droid 2pk – DisneyStore ($39.99)
Droidfactory TC-14 – DisneyStore ($14.99)

*Times are approximate and they may go live earlier or later than indicated

Epic Heroes in Easter Bins @ Walmart

The above were found at a Walmart in the St. Louis area.

If you’re on the hunt for Hasbro’s new Epic Hero figures for your kids this Easter (or as an adult collector of course), hop on over to the Easter gift basket toy bin section at your local Walmart if you’re not seeing the figures having much of a presence in the standard toy aisle.