Toyguide Update: TBS #15 Merumeru


The Yakface Toyguide updates resume with our next entry in the The Black Series 3-3/4″ line. Today, we take a look at the Wookiee warrior, Merumeru (#15).

PROS: Merumeru is a very well done figure despite a few flaws in articulation. The sculpt captures the essence of the character and is enhanced by a quality deco which gives high- and lowlights to the fur. This figure also has some heft to it, but surprisingly, it’s not one of the largest Wookiee figures we’ve been offered over the years. Merumeru boasts a fair amount of accessories – all of which are new – including a great blaster and a two-piece battle staff with a headpiece that has some great detail/decoration which augments its phallic shape.

CONS: Hasbro (in what was surely a cost-saving measure) eliminated the waist joint – the result is a figure that leaves you wanting. The sculpted dreadlocks prohibit any real range of motion for the head.

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