Toyguide Update: Disney Store Exclusive Talking Luke Skywalker


The Yakface Toyguide updates resume today with our next entry for the Disney Store exclusive large scale talking figures. We continue with the fun, but flawed Luke Skywalker.

PROS:  The overall sculpt is great with a passable resemblance to a youthful Mark Hamill. The flight suit has a nice dirty wash that adds a bit of depth to the outfit. Features 22 high-quality sound effects that are pulled right from A New Hope’s climactic assault on the Death StarSurprisingly, Disney did their homework and gave him the proper pistol when they could have easily went with the design used for Han. Includes a removable helmet that fits snuggly, though maybe a tad oversized.

CONS: Luke with no lightsaber? Blasphemy I say, but I suppose it is technically accurate since he didn’t wield it while wearing his X-wing flight gear, but why include the blaster since he didn’t use that particular model either? The hair looks too dark for my liking — coupled with the glossy plastic makes it look as if he is sporting a chocolate hair helmet.

Head to the toyguide for the full image gallery (and SFX demo) and judge for yourself whether this piece is worth adding to your collection.

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