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Rumor Confirmed: 6” Black Series Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight)

Instagram follower Jeremy B sends us this image confirming our May report of an upcoming exclusive 6” Black Series Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) figure.  A friend of his purchased it from a recent Disney storage sale.

Walmart was originally thought to be the  retailer of this yet to be announced exclusive, but based on new info that may not be the case.

Rumor Report Update: Target Exclusive 6″ Black Series The Mandalorian (Carbonized)

As a follow up to Sunday’s exclusive report on the upcoming Target Exclusive 6″ Black Series The Mandalorian (Copper) figure, I received an image privately of this figure. It confirms my speculations that the figure and box are in fact unique – the figure has a metallic/pearlescent sheen to the entire figure and the box is a metallic, penny copper color. Like the exclusive Second Sister Inquisitor, the box also features the callout circle and in it there are multiple translations for the word “Carbonized” – this term is what I assume the powers that be are calling this line of special edition exclusives. This figure is reaching Target stores now and should be available on October 4.

Thanks to my friends JS for the image(s).

Target Exclusive 10″ Funko POP! D-O Info Found

It appears that the new droid sidekick, D-O, from The Rise of Skywalker will be getting the 10″ Funko POP! treatment as a new listing with the code name “Limerick” has surfaced in Target’s system. We first reported the code name back in February, and started compiling evidence attributing the name to D-O ever since, tying it to products for the Black Series and interactive/radio controlled droids. The DPCI for the 10″ POP is 323-01-7303 and retails for $29.99

Image and DPCI courtesy of mewrius on reddit.

Rumor Report: Hasbro Celebration Convention Exclusive

As 2018 draws to a close, I continue to research and scour the interwebs for clues of upcoming product from Hasbro for the new year. Our unpublished 2019 list is growing rapidly and recently I came across a new listing for a potential exclusive for April’s Star Wars Celebration Chicago.

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