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Dorksidetoys will be at Nashville Comic Con 2014. come join us and grab a bargain at our booth at Nashville. We’ll have some special giveaways, so grab your tickets now and come and meet some great stars at the con from The Walking Dead, Arrow, Lord Of the Rings, X-Men, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Star Trek & more.


Our Warehouse Clearance Sale is still on with items still being added regularly. Check out over 125 products, carded, loose & bargains that must go.


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We revealed new Star Wars figures this week and we have several in both 3.75″ & 6″ scale up for pre-order. Plus Rebels, Rebels Saga Legends, Mission Series, Mafex, Jumbo Kenner & cool POP! Star Wars vinyl. We also have in stock Clone Troopers, Boba Fetts and more in the 6″ line.
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Guardians Of The Galaxy dancing Groot is one of the hottest POP!’s out there right now, plus we have even more Marvel characters in store. We also have limited quantities of Marvel Legends Exclusives plus brand new 3.75″ Infinite Avengers. Don’t forget to check out Marvel Minis, classic older Marvel Universe, Iron Man & many more in our Marvel super section.
Lots of new retro ReAction figures are now IN STOCK! With some of your favourite characters from Back to the Future, SDCC exclusives for The Goonies and Back to the Future & more.
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He said he’s be back, and in gorgeous cardbacks, Arnie and other The Terminator characters are now in stock along with select Goonies characters, plus Back To The Future & more. We even have limited quantities of SDCC exclusive cards for Firefly, Pulp Fiction & more.
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Brand new TV & comic figures are in stock, and available for pre-orders with Mystery Minis & POP! Vinyl as well. Don’t forget to check out Walking dead bargains in our Warehourse Clearance Sale.
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SHOP BATMAN & DC COLECTIBLES @DorksideToys NOWLots of new figures for pre-order including Arkham Knight and newly restocked DC Collectibles, including Injustice figures and restocked Arkham figures. Arrow, MAFEX exclusives such as Catwoman, Mafex Dark Knight Joker & 1/4 scale Joker & Batman are also available, plus very cute Fabrikations!

SHOP GI JOE @DorksideToys NOW

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GI JOE 50th Anniversary figures are here! Plus excellent FSS 3.0 figures which are all up for pre-order and they will just look gorgeous on their cardbacks. Each one comes with a free star case to protect the card back and let you immediately display what will be yet again killer G.I.JOES. We also have FSS 2.0, KRE-O’s, and lots of  classic Retaliation figures too. Check out AFA graded GI JOES as well.
Don’t forget the other items in store such as Breaking Bad, Halo, Predator, Robocop, Pacific Rim, Furby, Assassins Creed, and much more…
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