Rebels Vehicles Hit Retail


With just a couple minutes to spare for a quick toy run to Toys”R”us today, I stumbled upon something not seen in quite some time by my weary eyes – 3.75″ scale vehicles worth picking up!   Head on over to the forums for a closer look.

Personal Note:  Priced at $22.99 each, these “mid-size” vehicles offer not only all-new sculpts, but are pretty well made too.  No, they’re not Hasbro’s finest achievement but for what the retailers are charging, it seems like a very fair deal.  These are light years better than all the Jedi Starfighters Hasbro’s been trying to force down our throats for years.  I’ll be getting pics posted of them “loose” as soon as I can, and I can already say I want at least two more walkers.  BTW, my son loves these.