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Jabba’s Palace Playset – In Hand Thoughts

Packages containing Wal-Mart’s highly anticipated Jabba’s Palace playset have been showing up on doorsteps the past few days.

For those that have received your order, what say you?  Are you pleased, or do you feel Hasbro missed the mark?   Are you eager for more offerings in this format?  Share your thoughts here or in the forums!

TVC: Army Building in 2019

With the reemergence of The Vintage Collection, Hasbro has been knocking quite a few Imperial army builder figures out of the park.   Retail availability is another story of course due to the Wave 1 logjam, but there’s no denying that many of the recent Imperial trooper figures are extremely impressive.

That being said, what are your army-building goals moving forward?  How many of the TVC Rogue One Stormtrooper figures do you want for your collection?  Will Hasbro come even close to meeting demand for that figure?  Do you want to see figures like the Patrol Trooper and Mud Trooper scaled down in 3.75″ scale?

Share your thoughts here or in the forums! Star Wars Celebration Chicago Swag

We’re heading to Star Wars Celebration this weekend and for those that can track me down, I’ll be giving away a few goodies. There will be two new SWCC fan badges and like Yak Face himself, they’ll be tough to acquire, especially the chase variant. You can only obtain this version via following us on Twitter and watching for our tweet revealing its location. Each badge will also include our 2019 SWCC Yak Face Collector Coin button. Remember, we’ll also be doing a Collecting Track meet-and-greet on Sunday, April 14 at 4:30pm (Room W476) where you can get our SWCC exclusive patch wedge.

I hope to see some of you there!