Toy News From Nuremberg Toy Fair



Over in the forums of ToyArk, user “Marvelous” has posted some preliminary info of new Star Wars product on display at Nuremberg Toy Fair. Click on though for the details on a few Rogue One, The Force Awakens and Star Wars Rebels items. Expect more to be showcased at NY Toy Fair in a couple weeks.

Star Wars:
Rogue One 6″ Black Series were shown. Main heroine, main antagonist (looks like Admiral Thrawn, but without blue skin. Black droid (Assuming RO).
ANH Leia and TFA C-3PO.

3,75″ Rogue One vehicles. Starfighter, a new kind* of Tie fighter (flat wings shaped kinda like those of an Interceptor. AT-AT with mobile app enhanced control and firing Nerf darts (Smaller [sic] than Vintage Collection). Many new 3,75″ figures for TFA, OT,PT and RO. Banner for Rogue [sic] One with a big shot of Darth Vader.

*interestingly, the description of the new TIE Fighter matches closely to the new breed of fighter shown in the Season Two trailer of Star Wars Rebels.