Rumor: Disney Store Elite Series Vader Reissue and Updated Boba Fett


Word on the web from a member of the Star Wars Elite Series Collectors Facebook group* is on April 5, Disney Store will be receiving reissues of a few Elite Series figures including Darth Vader and an updated Boba Fett. Click on through to read his post and to see a preview of the rumored updated Fett.

*Must be a member of this closed group to see the post.

His post is quoted below:
So, I have it on good authority, that on April 5th, aka Blu-Ray Release Day Darth Vader will be re-released. I have checked with multiple source I have that are in the know, and they all confirm that they were told this as well.


2nd announcement is this pretty picure. Boba’s release date is unknown. Please forgive the white splotches, had to cover the name.

Note the revised deco and the inclusion of the cape on Boba Fett.