UPDATE: Return of the 6″ Black Series Fan’s Choice Poll


Back by popular demand! Hasbro is once again asking you, the fans and collectors, to help determine the next figure(s) released in the 6″ Black Series line. Click on through for details on how to cast your vote for the 2016 Fan’s Choice Poll!

UPDATE: Full list of participating sites added.

The Rules:

  • All characters are fair game except from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  • Any characters from the Star Wars Rebels or Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series would be sculpted in the realistic style of the Star Wars: The Black Series line
  • To vote, fans can only submit one (1) character per email address to yakfacenews@comcast.net; subject “TBS Fan’s Choice 2016“.
  • We will be accepting submissions until 11:59pm ET on 7/10
  • The top six (6) submissions will be sent to Hasbro on July 11 at 12pm ET.
  • Similar to last year, the final vote will be held on StarWars.com, and the winning figure will be revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con Hasbro Star Wars panel


Participating sites;
Dork Side of the Force
From 4-LOM to Zuckuss
Galactic Hunter
Imperial Shipyards
Jedi Business
Jedi Defender
Jedi Insider
Jedi News
Jedi Temple Archives
Legion of Leia
Rebel Scum
Star Wars Collector
Star Wars News Net
Star Wars The Black Series
Star Wars The Black Series Facebook
Star Wars Underworld
Yoda’s News