Update: New Rogue One Toy Announcements Next Week


Shoutout the Hasbro team for hosting the fan site Hangout on Google+ this morning. There were a few interesting bits discussed for what we can expect on shelves on Sept. 30 and beyond.

Be sure to check out JediDefenderStar Wars Action News and  JediNewsUK for more info gleaned from this discussion. Look for some new official toy announcements for Rogue One next week.

UPDATE:  QnA breakdown added

Here is a breakdown of things we brought up on this informal roundtable chat.

  • Wave 2 of 3.75″ (basic figures, vs. packs, and vehicles) and 6″ Black Series will not be available on Sept. 30 but rolled out shortly thereafter
  • More 6″ Black Series retailer exclusives are expected for Rogue Friday – details to come next week
  • 6″ Baze and Chirrut availability “may” be revealed next week, possibly exclusive.
  • 2017 is 40th Anniversary of Star Wars, Hasbro intends to honor that and to expect some great things as the team loves that “classic” era.

Other items discussed by the participants:

  • 3.75″ & 6″ General Leia and “TFA” Luke are coming next year
  • No 3.75″ scale Rogue One Hovertank (yet)
  • Walmart will get 2 waves of 3.75″ black series this year. (Ahsoka wave was supposed to be in stores already – one wave for Rogue One)
  • 3.75″ and 6″ Fans Choice vote next year
  • Possible return of comic pack to support new canon stories from Marvel
  • Hasbro is working on their own product availability checklist for Sept. 30

From Corey at First Order Transmissions/MakingStarWars.net

  • 6″ Dewback possible
  • Celebration Orlando Exclusive in the works
  • No Death Star playset (3.75″)