TLJ Breakdown: 6″ Black Series Elite Praetorian Guard

As we gather more info regarding the details of the products for Force Friday’s launch of merchandise for The Last Jedi, let’s continue our look at some of the figures and vehicles and focus on the 6″ Black Series Elite Praetorian Guard.

You are in one of two camps: you like or vehemently loathe the design of Snoke’s enforcers and the divisiveness will carry on over to the 6″ figure as well. First off, the design of the guard that is included in wave 2 has the most normal looking helmet of the guards – it reminds me of a fencing helmet in a way with out the superfluous “shield” on top that the primary guard utilizes. It will be interesting to see how Hasbro has tackled the articulation in the shoulders and elbows due to the character’s overlapping plating.  The figure is cast almost entirely in red except for the thighs as those are black and there looks to be black soles painted on the boots. Finally, and sadly, it looks like this figure will not use soft goods for it’s lower skirt pieces and will instead be cast in soft vinyl which hang between the legs (front and back) with thinner panels on the outside of the legs.

He is armed with a single bladed staff.