Upcoming Target Update Removes Some Exclusives From Planogram (for now)

Target stores are prepping a new update to the Star Wars aisle for the end of September/beginning of October and a lot of things are getting marked down now but some will be removed from the section altogether (for now). Click on through for the details.

Of interest, the 6” Black Series Gamorrean Guard and Chewbacca (Vandor-1) are no longer shown (with dedicated shelf space/pegs) but in their place are the 6” Moloch and Leia (Bepsin Escape) exclusives.

For the 3.75” Force Link 2.0 line, the Vandor-1 Playset is also no longer shown but it should be replaced by the cool Imperial Trooper 6 pack from Solo: A Star Wars Story that we broke news of back in August.



Your store experience(s) may vary in the implementation of these changes and updates to the planogram may still be pending.

Thanks to TargetGod for the update.