Target Markdowns Refresher

DarthChuckMC has sent us a reminder of Target’s current markdown procedures which  have recently involved those 6” TBS Luke (Death Star Escape), TVC Han Solo (Stormtrooper) and Retro Collection figures.

Because these were on planogram as a holiday item for Father’s Day, and didn’t have a home location, like the Death Star board game, these went PLU markdown like holiday candy Dollarspot items or Christmas trees.

PLU happens in the system, and typically starts the day after the holiday. First markdown is generally 50% off to blow most of it out. That runs for 2 days, then hits 70% off for another day or 2. Occasionally stuff will go 90% off and the 5th day, but that’s rare, and there usually isn’t anything left after 70% anyway. Once it goes salvage, we’ll box it up and it ends up at Ross, DD’s, etc.

I’m not sure why they didn’t just add them to the current Boys Action planogram. Someone at corporate either goofed or just didn’t care and treated these as any other “holiday” item.