Hasbro Confirms Final TVC Wave Online Only

Further confirming was we’ve learned from e-tailers, Hasbro sends word officially announcing the online exclusivity of the last TVC wave.

The last Vintage wave of 2012 will be released online only.  The figures will be available on Amazon, Entertainment Earth, Big Bad Toy Store, Brian’s Toys, and other specialty shops.  The figures are listed below.

·        Ahsoka
·         Obi-Wan (Clone Wars)
·         Naboo Pilot
·         Mawhonic
·         Aurra Sing
·         Lumat
·         Gungan Warrior
·         Nien Nunb
·         Royal Guard
·         Republic Trooper (The Old Republic)
·         Orrimaarko (Prune Face)


  • DarthElv1s

    Considering that half of the above listed were Wal Mart exclusive Movie Heroes that can still be found en masse, Hasbro again showed they have no clue on distribution. Stores are no longer buying cases as they cannot sell the peg warmers Hasbro burdened us all with at the beginning of the year with the Phantom Menace wave.

    If Hasbro was wise they would put out cases consisting of figures they know fans have been waiting for including Darth Malgus, Starkiller, etc. as these would move, but they choose otherwise. It is a long time until 2018 and hopefully then Lucasfilm will give another company the chance to reboot this brand and make it worthwhile collecting again cause I gave up “a long time ago…”.

  • Randy Lewchuk

    Where’s Yak Face,,EV9d9 ,Bib Fortuna??? there is so many figures we didnt get,,instead Hasbro put out worthless pre-quel figures on vintage cards that nobody wants.Instead of actual “”VINTAGE”” figures.

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