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Triple Force Thursday? New Figures Found and Purchased at Walmart

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Facebook Group member Jason C. reports finding the upcoming Triple Force Friday wave of Vintage Collection figures at Walmart in Canada. And not only did he find it, he was able to purchase them at the clearance price for $9 each! He also notes that the new 6″ Black Series figures were on shelf as well.

VC151 Yavin Luke Cardback Revealed

We teased the reveal of the new Vintage Collection figures from The Rise of Skywalker last week and today, Bossk’s Bounty reveals them with his review of the figure. Be sure to like his video and subscribe to his channel and follow him on Instagram @bosskbounty

update: Bossk’s Bounty was kind enough to send along a couple images as well.

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Early Access for SDCC Exclusives for Hasbro Pulse Premium Members

Hasbro has sent word that Hasbro Pulse Premium Members will get one-day advanced access (Sept. 9) to purchase the exclusives from SDCC. Check your email for notification. Each exclusive is limit 2 per customer.

6″ Kenner Boba Fett $24.99
6″ Black Series Sith Trooper $30
Luke Skywalker Jedi Destiny Set – $49.99